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Shiseido partners with Lane Crawford to examine most meaningful things

August 24, 2015

Shiseido's Apple of Your Eye exhibition Shiseido's Apple of Your Eye exhibition


Japanese personal care brand Shiseido is partnering with Chinese department store chain Lane Crawford to highlight the things most precious to people in a new charitable photography exhibition.

“Apple of Your Eye” will be on display at Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbour City shopping mall in Hong Kong from Aug. 21-23. The exhibit will feature unique portraits of Hong Kong celebrities, exploring the objects, people and ideas that are most valuable to them.

"A symbolic 165 years in the making, Lane Crawford, Greater China's leading iconic luxury department store, has always been at the forefront of fashion and luxury lifestyle through its collaborations with some of the most influential names from the worlds of fashion, jewelry, beauty and lifestyle," said Joanna Gunn, chief brand officer at Lane Crawford, Hong Kong.

Apples and oranges
Apple of Your Eye delves into the question of what means the most to people by examining what they consider to be most valuable. The exhibit features photographs of a number of Hong Kong celebrities and artists with something they care about represented inside their pupils.

Shiseido Apple of your eye 1

Apple of Your Eye photo, with the earth

Artists including Cherie Chung, Kelly Chen, Andy Hui and Kary Ng shared their unique choices in the collection of black and white photographs. Some of the things that were chosen include the earth, a dog, a teardrop and the word “dreams.”

The exhibit also included portraits of each of the individuals represented. Focusing on well-known individuals in the community will likely increase publicity and help Shiseido and Lane Crawford attract consumers.

Shiseido Apple of Your Eye 2

Apple of your Eye photo, with a smiley face

A mobile campaign was also created to enhance the exhibition with the hashtags #Shiseido, #Ultimune and #AppleOfYourEye. For each photo that users upload, Shiseido will donate $1.29 (which equals 10 Hong Kong dollars) to Orbis, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and treating blindness.

Shiseido Apple of your eye 3

Apple of Your Eye photo, with a dog

Lane Crawford partnered with Shisheido to host the exhibition. Together the two brands will be able to reach a larger audience and introduce new consumers to their products.

Shiseido Apple of Your Eye 4

Apple of Your Eye photo, with a teardrop

Additionally, the charitable component of the exhibition will likely appeal to consumers who are eager to see luxury brands champion nonprofit organizations and other social causes. Apple of Your Eye also supports art by highlighting the work of photographers.

All about art
Other luxury brands have used art exhibits to promote nonprofit organizations and emphasize charities of their choice.

For example, earlier this year watchmaker Hublot expressed its dedication to art by hosting a photography exhibition in collaboration with the viral movement Beard Season.

The exhibition debuted on March 6 at Somerset House in London and featured photography by Mr. Brock Elbank that captured men with beards in an attempt to raise awareness for melanoma. Staying true to its motto “Hublot Loves Art” allowed the brand to connect with consumers and express its desire to help make the world a better place (see story).

There are many motivations for hosting an art exhibition, and Lane Crawford has previously used exhibits to highlight its heritage. The Chinese department store chain celebrated 165 years in the retail business with a comprehensive campaign that examined the relationship between fashion and art.

Featuring unique designs, capsule collections, art exhibitions, product showcases and video, the campaign simultaneously drew attention to Lane Crawford’s rich heritage and looked forward to an exciting future. The expansive campaign likely helped draw attention from around the country and helped Lane Crawford forge connections with a new generation of consumers (see story).

Final Take
Kay Sorin, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York