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Kering releases star-studded PSA to combat sexual assault

September 2, 2015

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French group Kering’s corporate foundation is looking to alter the conversation around sexual assault on college campuses in the United States with the release of a PSA in partnership with Generation Progress’ It’s On Us campaign.

Part of its two-year partnership with the initiative, the PSA titled “One Thing” features famous faces such as Zoe Saldana, Jessica Szohr and Josh Hutcherson talking about consent. Kering continually supports issues affecting women globally, feeling strongly about making an impact towards the gender that makes up most of its workforce and its consumer base.

Changing culture
This summer, Kering’s corporate foundation announced its commitment to end sexual violence on college campuses in the United States with the launch of two partnerships.

At an award ceremony in New York June 22, Kering awarded We End Violence with a $34,000 grant, and also announced its support of Generation Progress’ “It’s On Us” campaign. Championing women’s rights is a large focus of Kering’s corporate outreach in other parts of the world, and bringing the same approach to the U.S. will enable the group to make an impact on more individuals (see story).

Kering helped make the production and distribution of the PSA a reality by using its network of influencers as well as running an awareness campaign for its 33,000 employees.

The 30-second video went live on the It’s On Us Web site and social channels Sept. 1. Celebrities including Jesse Metcalf, Haim and Nina Dobrev take turns delivering the message that consent has to be given freely and that all sex without consent is rape.

It's On Us: One Thing

At the end of the video, the viewer is asked to take action through It’s On Us by signing a pledge online.

Kering also shared the video on its own channels, ensuring its followers are aware of the cause.

Beyond the video, the conglomerate will set up volunteer outreach on college campuses to help survivors of sexual assault. During the National Week of Action this November, Kering will prompt its U.S. employees to volunteer at events.

In a group statement, François-Henri Pinault, chairman of the Kering Foundation, explained, “Today, one in five college women experience sexual assault in the U.S. This is unacceptable. I am very proud that the Kering Foundation supports the ‘It’s On Us’ campaign because it is time to initiate behavior and culture change.”