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Hermès shows off curiosities, artisanship in dual exhibits

October 23, 2015

Promotional artwork for Hermès' The Leather Forever Promotional artwork for Hermès' The Leather Forever


French apparel and accessories maker Hermès is exploring its favorite raw material for visitors to the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Hermès is known for its leather goods, notably its handbags such as the infamous Birkin Bag, and this exhibition aims to show museum-goers the brand’s expertise and hide know-how. Staging exhibits has become commonplace for luxury houses, as the medium allows a brand to display its proficiency in its field, whether it is leather goods or watchmaking.

Currently on a world tour, “The Leather Forever” exhibition is heading to Singapore to celebrate the country’s 50th anniversary of independent statehood. Opening Oct. 25, the exhibit will showcase the leather work of Hermès’ talented artisans in a poetic and informative way.

It is Hermès’ hope that those who visit will share a similar captivation with leather that the house has had since 1837. The exhibition is scheduled to close Dec. 13.

The Leather Forever exhibit will also join Hermès’ “Little Room of Wanders” during its stop in Singapore.

hermes.leather forever poster

Poster for The Leather Forever exhibit

Held at the Asian Civilizations Museum, Little Room of Wanders presents attendees with Emile Hermès’ private collection of ingenious and beautiful objects, ranging from “equestrian and eclectic, blithely immune to fashion.”

Showing these objects to visitors builds upon the ideology behind The Leather Forever, as the collection has been a source of inspiration for Hermès just as leather as been.

Hermès recently held “Wanderland,” a Saatchi Gallery exhibit in London that had a similar take on the brand’s heritage, but on a larger scale.

Opened April 9 to May 2, Wanderland featured a curation of objects pulled from the Hermès archives and positioned to form a “cabinet of curiosities” that referenced Parisian-inspired scenes. This exhibit celebrated Hermès’ Parisian heritage while also showing the brand’s singular point of view and adoration for the unpredictable (see story).

Given the proximity of The Leather Forever and Little Room of Wanders, it is likely that both museums will see foot traffic as attendees wish to fully immerse themselves in Hermès' heritage.