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Waterford preps for global stage with behind-the-scenes content

December 28, 2015

Waterford Times Square New Year's Eve Ball Waterford Times Square New Year's Eve Ball


Crystal maker Waterford is looking ahead as it prepares for its lead role in the Times Square New Year’s Eve festivities.

On Dec. 31, the 2016 Waterford’s New Year’s Eve Ball will make its official debut as it descends to count down the final minute of 2015. Creating anticipation and giving a taste of what’s to come, Waterford is chronicling the final touches to the crystal-embellished orb.

Intimate view
Waterford has been decorating the New Year’s Eve Ball for 16 years, each year creating a new pattern for the crystal triangles that adorn the globe. This year’s design is christened “Gift of Wonder,” representing the third year in a decade-long “Greatest Gifts” series, which celebrates universal desires.

"New Year's Eve is a holiday that encourages us to reflect upon the past year as well as distinguish what's to come for the year ahead," said Michael Craig, Waterford Group Vice President of the Americas, in a statement. "The Gift of Wonder symbolizes our everlasting fascination with the unknown and unexplored that takes us to new vistas."

For 2016, 288 of the 2,688 triangles surrounding the ball will be decorated in the Gift of Wonder pattern, which looks to the skies with a starburst. These will be interspersed with last year’s “Gift of Fortitude” design and the previous “Gift of Imagination.”

Waterford gave a first look at the ball to its social media followers, sharing photos of the ball itself and the individual triangles. While consumers will see the ball drop on television or in person, this may be the closest look they get at Waterford’s craftsmanship that went into the fixture.

The brand is also giving consumers the opportunity to take home a piece of the excitement with a Times Square Holiday Collection, featuring an ornament, Champagne flute and snow globe that correspond with the brand’s larger crystal work for the occasion.

About 1 billion people around the world watch the New York celebration, which gives Waterford a yearly chance to shine.

Other luxury brands are seeking the attention of the multitude gathered in New York to ring in the new year.

Moët & Chandon is putting itself at the center of New York’s Times Square New Year’s bash with a social media contest focused on consumers’ number one person.

Entrants who share who they most want to spend the holiday with will have a chance to travel to New York to ring in 2016 with their own #MoetMoment. Moët & Chandon frequently positions itself as the top choice for every celebration, no matter how large or small (see story).