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Hermès pledges love to big cats in Robert Dallet exhibit

January 12, 2016

Robert Dallet drawing Robert Dallet drawing


French leather goods maker Hermès is showing the “fierce and fragile” side of big cats through a museum exhibition celebrating the art of Robert Dallet.

From Jan. 10 through March 13, visitors to the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT can view nearly 75 drawings, sketches, paintings and Hermès scarves designed by the late Mr. Dallet. The exhibit, and the sale of Mr. Dallet-related merchandise, will benefit the big cat conservationist group Panthera, best known for its connection to Zimbabwe’s Cecil the Lion.

For the love of cats
Backed by Hermès, the exhibit will work to protect tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards, leopards, cheetahs, cougars and clouded leopards.

During a launch party, held at the Bruce Museum, friends of Panthera and Hermès bid on auction pieces that included a handmade tapestry, a first from the French house that took more than 560 hours to create, a hand-painted vase and a Picotin Lock handbag with crocodile and pearl embellishments. The auction, led by Sotheby’s, also offers lots for two tripsone to Africa and another to Brazilto witness big cats in action.

On its Web site and social media accounts, Hermès is promoting the exhibit through video and digital content that showcases Mr. Dallet’s art work. For instance, on Facebook, Hermès has created a sponsored video post that includes a 15-second clip of pencil drawings by Mr. Dallet.

hermes.big cats web

Hermès’ Web site

A link included in the post directs consumers to Hermès’ Web site. Here an extended video clip plays before presenting consumers with the option to learn more about Mr. Dallet’s work and career, the exhibit, the commemorative coffee table book and Panthera's conservation work.

The “Fierce and Fragile: Big Cats in the Art of Robert Dallet” volume showcases the artist's work, some never-before-seen, and the connection Mr. Dallet forged with Hermès. The book will be sold at Hermès boutiques and online as well as at Actes Sud bookstores.

hermes.dallet big cat book

Fierce and Fragile: Big Cats in the Art of Robert Dallet

In addition to the book, Hermès will also be selling a silk scarf honoring Mr. Dallet. A portion of the proceeds generated from the sales of both the book and scarf has been pledged to Panthera's cause.

“It was sort of an aligning of all the stars,” Robert Chavez, president and CEO of Hermès USA, told WWD regarding the partnership. “The fact that we had this treasure trove of artworks from Robert Dallet, who was a passionate supporter of big cats, and then the efforts of Panthera, whose conservation efforts are really about protecting the habitats in order to protect the big catsit all came together piece by piece.”

Hermès is not alone in its dedication to preserve the world’s population of big cats.

Colored-gemstone miner Gemfields announced plans on Aug. 10, also World Lion Day, to help raise the awareness needed for the conservation of the world’s lions.

The Montepuez Ruby Mining company, owned by Gemfields and its local business partner Mwiriti, has pledged its support to the Niassa Lion Project to protect the wildlife that calls the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique home (see story).