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Jet Aviation showcases latest planes for charitable cause

January 14, 2016

Jet Aviation Jet Aviation


Business aviation company Jet Aviation is paring down its guest list for this year’s annual La Bella Macchina event Jan. 21 in Palm Beach, FL.

The 16th annual event, which takes place at the Palm Beach International Airport, showcases the latest aircrafts of sponsors, including Pilatus, Airbus Helicopter, Dassault Falcon and Gulfstream, serves as a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County and marks the kick0ff of the Cavallino Classic, which showcases limited-edition and one-of-a-kind Ferraris. The revamped event is a chance for Jet Aviation to say thank you to its clients and community and keep interest in aviation alive in future generations.

“The event provides a platform for some of the world’s top aircraft manufactures to show their newest planes to existing clients and prospects in a rather glamorous environment, surrounded by more than 100 Ferraris that have arrived in Palm Beach to participate in the weekend activities of The Cavallino Classic,” said Shamin Abas, president of Shamin Abas Public Relations, a boutique agency specializing in experiential marketing, lifestyle communications, and strategic partnerships for ultra luxury brands, and La Bella Macchina event producer. “Over the years the event had grown in popularity and in size, making it difficult to really showcase the planes properly.”

First class

The rarity and decadence of the aircrafts and automobiles on display has led the event to swell in popularity over the past several years with 1,500 attendees for the 2015 event, but this year will have a guest list limited to 650 individuals, including sponsor guests and Jet Aviation clients.

Jet Aviation La Bella Macchina

Jet Aviation La Bella Macchina

Because of the event’s emphasis on charity, a limited selection of ultra-high-net-worth clients is favorable compared to a larger group. Billionaires are often somewhat reluctant to attend large-scale events, but something smaller is more likely to draw them out.

Additionally, paring down the guest list allows for the addition of VIP experiences to the event’s silent auction that will raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club. The VIP experiences are three-day tennis excursion on Sir Richard Branson’s private island, a three-night “Escape to Another World” with unlimited golf at Ritz-Carlton’s Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico and a two-night trip to Montreal with the opportunity to race a Ferrari around Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant Formula One track with the assistance of an expert.

Charitable endeavors always look good to the public, but the small guest list ensures that attendees will already be loyal Jet Aviation clients. As such, La Bella Macchina functions primarily as a CSR initiative for the company.

robb report.october jet aviation

Jet Aviation on October Robb Report

Fittingly, Jet Aviation will host a career seminar and tour for 60 children who are members of Palm Beach County’s Boys & Girls Club in addition to the charity auction. The kids will have an opportunity to tour the display grounds, enter the planes and learn about career opportunities in business aviation and the importance of the trade.

For Jet Aviation, which has a large presence in Palm Beach, the event is a chance to give back to the community.

“It’s not just about raising money [for the Boys & Girls Club],” Ms. Abas said. “It also provides an opportunity for the kids who come from the Boys and Girls Club to learn about the aviation industry.”

All aboard
Other companies have also helped put on extravagant, exclusive events with a small selection of UHNW individuals in the name of charity.

For example, near the end of 2015 travel and events group Premier Tennis served an ace for charity with the world’s “most exclusive” tennis match.

Sponsors of the 4th annual Necker Cup Pro-Am, which began Nov. 28 and featured charity tennis matches and numerous other activities, included Rolls-Royce Dom Perignon, Buckitdream, Ernst Benz and Inglot. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity coupled with travel and philanthropy attracted eager participants and raised money for a number of good causes (see story).

The lack of direct revenue gain from philanthropic endeavors should not make brands weary of them.

Corporate social responsibility may be about relationship building rather than transactions, but that makes it more important for brands, not less, according to Christie’s executive at Luxury Interactive Europe 2015 Oct. 27.

The speaker offered a number of tips for brands looking to improve or get started on CSR, offering a number of Christie’s stories as support. In addition to quality craftsmanship and great service, being a luxury brand means using a highly visible and admired position to fulfill moral and ethical responsibilities (see story).

“This is an important evening for Jet Aviation and they are proud to continue to make the contribution to the community,” Ms. Abas said. “They have a large FBO in Palm Beach and serve much of the private aviation traffic coming in and out of the one the nations busiest private airports in the Nation.

“It’s a great way to be able to host a special evening for the community and give back.”