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Starwood extends ethical dining options to include cage-free eggs

February 2, 2016

Starwood culinary staff member Starwood culinary staff member


Starwood Hotels & Resorts is showing its commitment to ethical food and beverage policies with a new menu item.

By 2020, the hospitality brand, now owned by Marriott International, plans to source 100 percent of its eggs from cage-free chickens. Today’s consumer is highly conscious about what she puts in her body, often choosing organic foods when available.

The ethical treatment of animals is an important cause for many guests. By presenting guests with ethically-sourced food options, Starwood is taking a step to prove its properties are trustworthy and aligned with a cause close to many consumers’ hearts.

“Animal welfare is important to our customers and our company, and many of our hotels around the world already use cage-free eggs. By transitioning to 100 percent cage-free eggs by 2020, we further our commitment to doing the right thing,” said Andrea Pinabell, Starwood’s vice president of sustainability, in a statement.

“Our commitment also involves our supplies and we call on them to make this important change as well,” she said. “We’re excited about our commitment and look forward to helping foster a more humane food system.”

Using cage-free eggs is just one way that Starwood properties are guaranteeing responsible dining choices.

In December, for example, alongside New England Aquarium, Starwood created a poster, guide and other materials that help with the selection of sustainable and local seafood. Numerous seafood species are threatened or endangered, and taking an active stance on the issue is in line with Starwood’s repeated initiatives to position itself as an environmental leader (see story).

Additionally, Starwood has taken measures that show the importance it places on the environment. In 2012, all hotels owned by Starwood removed whale and sea turtle from menus. In 2014, Starwood hotels became the first to institute a ban on shark fins (see story).