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Armani Beauty makes personal appeal for World Water Month

March 10, 2016

Promotional image for Armani's Acqua for Life campaign Promotional image for Armani's Acqua for Life campaign


Giorgio Armani Beauty is raising awareness for the millions of children who lack access to clean, safe water through a charity campaign.

For the seventh year in a row, Armani is a national partner of the UNICEF Tap Project, providing support through fundraising and an awareness campaign. Kicking off this year’s push during March’s World Water Month, Armani shared the story of Rosemaine, a 12-year-old girl from Haiti, one of the children this effort could help, allowing consumers to put a name and a face to the cause.

Personal attention
UNICEF's video posted on Armani's Acqua for Life page opens with the words “She may not consider herself a hero, but we do.” Rosemaine is then seen outside of her house alongside her 10 siblings.

Rosemaine tells her own story, explaining how she was given tablets to purify the water her family uses to prevent cholera, a disease that her brother developed by washing his hands with untreated water while the family did not have the tablets or bleach available. She says that she had worries he would die, but he was taken care of.

The girl now plays the role of protector for her younger siblings, getting water from a pump and making sure to wash out jugs between uses.

At the end of the video, the family is seen cooking with and drinking the water, as Rosemaine talks about how school is important to her. When she does not have the money for school fees, she raises the funds by making and selling food.

Rosemaine’s Story – Clean Water for Haiti | UNICEF USA

Armani is again letting consumers help children like Rosemaine by purchasing select fragrances from its Acqua di Gio or Acqua di Gioia lines. As little as $1 is shown to make a difference, as it can provide clean water to a child for a month.

Consumers can also raise funds through UNICEF’s Tap Project app, which correlates the time a user successfully keeps her hands off her phone to funding. Armani is one of the supporters of the app, giving back as consumers do the same.

The app can be downloaded here.

Last year, Armani highlighted the impact of its efforts over the last four years in a social video. A narrator explains that some people use more than 100 liters of water per day to perform daily tasks such as preparing meals and washing clothing, but for some 10 liters is considered a luxury.

Since Armani began its partnership with GreenCross in 2011, the brand has helped provide more than 530 million liters for communities around the world (see story).

Access to water is a critical issue, leading a number of brands to step up to the plate for the cause.

Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen is raising awareness for the global water crisis by sponsoring an activist’s grueling grassroots feat.

Thirst CEO and founder Mina Guli has set off on an expedition, aiming to be the first person to complete 40 marathons across seven deserts on seven continents in seven weeks. This initiative aims to get a mass audience, particularly millennials, involved, enabling IWC to help make an impact by leveraging its own network of followers as participants (see story).