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Luxury brands debut mock products for April Fools’ Day trickery

April 1, 2016

Man’s Best Friend Biography Bracelet Set by Astley Clarke Man’s Best Friend Biography Bracelet Set by Astley Clarke


A number of brands took advantage of consumers’ habit of believing everything they read on the Internet for a little April Fools’ Day fun.

Recently brands have embraced lighthearted campaigns, some of which poke fun at themselves for being expensive, exclusive and objects of desire. Social media’s daily interactions have allowed for brands to interact with consumers on a more level playing field, letting their personalities shine through.

Jokes on you
Lexus, who has struck a balance between sophistication and humor in the past, posted a video to its social accounts promoting “the next advancement in connected driving technology.” Disguised as one of Lexus’ many efforts dedicated to showing off its performance, the video promotes the Lexus V-LCRO performance driving seat.

In the short, Lexus debuts a partnership with Velcro Industries to “firmly establish the connection between the driver and vehicle.” The seat is fitted with velcro panels to hold the driver in the proper position.

For it to work, drivers must wear “one half of the velcro adhesive equation.” To demonstrate, Lexus shows a man in a tailored suit and as he turns around, his backside is covered with Velcro panels.

The video ends with a driver having difficulties removing himself from the driver seat, causing the Velcro to make its well-known tearing sound, adding to the spot’s humor.


The future of performance is out there. And Lexus is the brand that will define it. Introducing the next advancement in connected driving technology, the Lexus V-LCRO Performance Driving Seat. #LexusRCF #LexusGSF

Posted by Lexus on Thursday, March 31, 2016

British jeweler Astley Clarke also took time to joke with its consumers. The jeweler promoted its Man’s Best Friend Biography Bracelet Set after it came to the realization that friendship bracelets are not made for “the real best friends in our life.”

While the idea is likely to attract a number of dog-loving consumers, the effort is just a prank. When the provided link is clicked on social media, consumers are taken to an April Fools’ page that lets them in on the joke, offering the chance to win a gift card worth £250, or $354.

Retailer Bloomingdale’s played with consumers' gullible tendencies through a frozen yogurt fragrance push, inspired by its Forty Carrots treat. The department store described the new fragrance as having “hints of sprinkles, granola and maraschino cherries [that] round out each of the sweet scents.”

With no link to purchase, consumers are quick to catch onto the joke, especially as Bloomingdale’s tells its audience that the four flavors are snackable and available in “servings.”

Bloomingdale’s went as far as to create a comical social video showing a woman inside its flagship blowing sprinkles at the camera, spraying the Forty Carrots perfume in her mouth and enjoying a large, actual serving of froyo.


Forty Carrots: The FragranceExperience the elegance. Feel the fantasy. Taste the toppings. Introducing Forty Carrots the fragrance.

Posted by Bloomingdale's on Friday, April 1, 2016

Porsche took a similar approach for April Fool’s Day by creating its own signature scent, one that smells of tire rubber and motor oil.

Limited to only 919 bottles, Porsche’s “Eau d’Essence” is a take on new car smell, letting the wearer feel as if he were on the racetrack each day. Continuing the spoof, the mock bottle is shaped like a bolt and screw.

Lifestyle publication Robb Report also debuted a new product, a magazine geared toward baby billionaires. The publication included "Toddler Tycoon" in its daily Robb Report Insider newsletter on the morning of April 1.

robb.toddler tycoon

Robb Report's Toddler Tycoon for April Fools' Day

“Our mission is to satisfy the needs of an important population that has, until now, been marginalized by the marketplace and media,” said editor-in-chief Irving Price. “Kids with an estimated wealth greater than most state budgets deserve a distinct forum, and Toddler Tycoon will be their trusted conduit to consumerism.”

The pretend sections covered in Toddler Tycoon included "Crib Couture," "Hot Wheels," "First-Class Forts" and "Bottle Service."

To compare antics and pranks, here’s a look at what brands did for April Fools’ Day 2015 (see story).