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Gucci’s Chime for Change urges Beyoncé fans to stand up to gender inequality

April 27, 2016

Beyonce Knowles-Carter for Chime for Change Beyonce Knowles-Carter for Chime for Change


Together with Global Citizen, Italian fashion label Gucci’s Chime for Change charity is calling on Beyoncé Knowles-Carter fans to stand in formation against poverty, injustice and gender inequality.

The campaign, officially launching next week, coincides with Ms. Knowles-Carter’s The Formation World Tour, and is likely to be top of mind for many consumers, especially after the buzz the singer created with her visual album “Lemonade,” which debuted exclusively on HBO April 23. As a co-founder of Chime for Change and due to her involvement with Global Citizen’s annual concert, Ms. Knowles-Carter participation creates an authentic partnership that does not read as a self-serving, promotional push by the singer for her tour.

"Through mobilizing our community of millions to take meaningful actions that result in impact for the world's poor, Global Citizen's mission is to see an end to extreme poverty by 2030," said Elizabeth Edelman, global director of strategic partnerships at Global Citizen.

"Through her tireless work as a co-founder for Chime for Change, and her ongoing commitment to support the work of Global Citizen, Beyoncé is truly one of the most prolific advocates for girls and women worldwide," she said.

"The Stand in Formation partnership encourages fans across the world to take action against poverty and injustice, and provides those engaged with the tools to do so, joining the global movement fighting for gender equality, girls education, and ending extreme poverty by 2030."

BeyGOOD, do good
Both Chime for Change and Global Citizen are champions for advocating against poverty, injustice and gender inequality, forming many of their programs around these three causes. Ms. Knowles-Carter’s own BeyGOOD charity has a similar mission, furthering the authenticity of the campaign.

For the “Stand in GOOD Formation” initiative, fans of Ms. Knowles-Carter are encouraged to sign up to become Global Citizens to join the formation. Doing so gives Global Citizens a chance to win VIP tickets to Ms. Knowles-Carter’s world tour in Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit and London.

Select markets are also eligible for to sign up on-site for concert upgrades. The Formation World Tour kicks off in North America on April 27 with a concert in Miami.

Global Citizen.Chime for Change Beyonce 400

Stand in Formation Web page on Global Citizen's Web site

A primary aspect of the initiative is to bring forth awareness for gender equality, a fundamental of Global Citizen’s long-term objective of supporting the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development and ending extreme poverty by 2030.

The #StandInFormation campaign will provide Ms. Knowles-Carter’s fans with a platform to take meaningful action against gender inequality.

Chime for Change joined forces with Global Citizen in 2015 to form a multi-year partnership to lend its support to programs that spur change for girls and women globally. Working so closely with Ms. Knowles-Carter will drive awareness for the work of all the charities involved, as well as Gucci's commitment to nonprofits.

gucci.bey lemonade

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter wore a suit from Gucci's spring/summer 2016 collection in Lemonade

“As a co-founder of Gucci’s Chime for Change campaign, Beyoncé leads a global effort to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world,” said Marco Bizzarri, president/CEO of Gucci in a brand statement.

“Chime for Change is honored to partner with The Formation World Tour and Global Citizen to inspire a global audience to take action for gender equality,” he said.

To become a Global Citizen and stand in formation alongside Ms. Knowles-Carter please click here.

Inspiring change
Chime for Change has empowered girls and women through a number of initiatives.

For instance, Chime for Change scouted engineers, designers, product managers and marketing experts of all levels for a Chime Hack hackathon in May 2015.

The goal of Chime for Change’s Chime Hack, in partnership with TEDWomen and Twitter, was to create technology solutions that promote safety for girls and women. Chime for Change organized its first Chime Hack in 2013 to create mobile applications to assist women and girls in need (see story).

Chime for Change also began a campaign in Syria to raise money for the children and families impacted by the country’s civil conflict.

Chime for the Children of Syria, officially launched in May 2015, had the goal of raising $25,000 for UNICEF to help the youngest citizens who have experienced trauma get an education as well as psychological help. As the Syrian conflict entered its fifth year, Gucci and UNICEF’s efforts helped minimize its costs and restore a feeling of normalcy to children’s lives (see story).

Enlisting the support of an internationally beloved superstar is likely to recruit consumers who may have otherwise not engaged with the charity or was unaware of its mission.

"Beyoncé will inspire fans to join her as she Stands in Formation to support Global Citizen, Gucci, and Chime for Change's campaign efforts to fight injustices that face girls & women around the world," Ms. Edelman said. "Fans will be encouraged to sign petitions - such as the Level the Law campaign, call on world leaders, email their elected officials, share content and inspire their friends all in support of key campaign objectives.

"These actions will also give fans a unique chance to win VIP tickets to see Beyoncé on The Formation World Tour, driving consistent and meaningful engagement," she said.

"We are privileged to have Beyoncé leading the way on the Stand in Formation partnership, helping to mobilize millions of Global Citizens around the world, so that we can call on world leaders to create a more just and equitable world for all."