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Native video ads lead in automotive

September 29, 2016

Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic


Video is still the largest consumer engagement driver for automotive brands in native advertising, but completion rates are exceeding marketers' expectations.

New insight from Jumpstart Automotive Media showed that native advertising on automotive publishers is a strong provider of consumer engagement, and a focus on image and video can really drive home click-through rates. Videos that are around 30 seconds or less see higher completion rates, but many times quality native video content that runs more than five minutes see success as well.

“Brands are running a mix of short and long-form video and, across the board, shorter form (30 seconds or less) videos are seeing higher completion rates," said Aaron Serrao, vice president of audience development and ad product at Jumpstart.

Jumpstart engagement
Focusing on images and video with native advertising resonates really well with consumers. For instance, advertisers saw an 800 percent to 1,000 percent increase in CTR to segment page just by replacing brand logos with images.

Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic

Range Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic

Native advertising embeds brand content within a publisher’s content to creates a more seamless atmosphere that appeals better to consumers. Jumpstart detailed a series of native advertising categories and how well they perform on automotive publications.

Brand point-of-view advertising is featured alongside of editorial content on automotive publications that focus on make and models. The experience allows users to learn more about brand’s products without having to leave the publication.

For instance, consumers can read information within articles, buyers guides and reviews about the specific make or model. Brand POV advertising sees engagement rates of 96 percent and a 4.16 percent for click-to-open rates.

The average view time is two minutes and 47 seconds with a 65 percent video completion rate.

Xcelerate advertising provides rotating headlines and photos to attract a wide range of readers. The concept has an 83 percent engagement rate with a 56-second average viewing time and 84 percent video completion.

rolls-royce.porto cervo dawn

Rolls-Royce Porto Cervo Dawn

Suggestive selling advertising, when a brand sponsors a category to standout by using images, has a CTR range of .28 percent to 1.5 percent for awareness pages. The average CTR is .70 percent.

A CTR range of .23 percent to .58 percent was found for suggestive selling landing pages, with an average of .26 percent.

Automotive marketing
Experiential marketing is another advertising tool that helps automotive brands. The marketing concept provides brands a platform to make a multi-sensory impression on consumers, enabling marketers to reimagine an established brand or introduce a newcomer.

During a Brand Innovators panel hosted by Kinetic Worldwide on Sept. 27, marketers from Cadillac, Casper and Kellogg’s shared the ways their companies had built physical touchpoints around their products, whether a restaurant or a community space in the heart of a city. As consumers migrate online, brands have been investing heavily in digital media, but establishing real-time interactions in the real world is still a vital piece of the brand-building puzzle (see more).

For instance, German automaker Audi took a non-advertising approach in a publication partnership. The brand’s video campaign is presented as an online art gallery to celebrate the things in life that are impossible to define.

LVMH-owned editorial site Nowness exclusively shares quality video, focusing on art and culture, with a small portion dedicated to sponsorship that fits in seamlessly with its overall content. Audi’s current #Untaggable campaign on the media portal highlights various individuals in their own respective fields in the arts (see more).

"Of course, it’s not too surprising that a longer commitment might mean an increased likelihood that engagement will drop off a bit," he said. "However, even when we’re seeing completion rates drop to 60 percent for videos that are sometimes five minutes or more in length, that’s still very successful. Regardless of length, this performance is exceeding client expectations."