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McLaren hosts first ice driving experience in Finland

October 14, 2016

Pure McLaren's ice driving experience Pure McLaren's ice driving experience


British Automaker McLaren is bringing its track driving experience to an icy terrain for the first time.

The Pure McLaren Arctic Experience will take place in January 2017 in northern Finland, 200 miles from the Arctic Circle, giving consumers the opportunity to steer its Sports Series vehicles on snow-covered roads and an ice track. With this launch, McLaren joins other automakers that have rolled out ice driving experiences, providing a safe environment for participants to handle their vehicles in challenging conditions.

Arctic endeavor
Pure McLaren’s professional driving coaches have teamed with Ivalo, Finland-based facility Test World on the program, giving the drivers varied track configurations on which to experiment and test their skills. Drivers will get behind the wheel of the McLaren 570S Coupé.

McLaren’s ice driving experience can be customized to each individual participant, much like its other Pure McLaren programs. Guests can focus on mastering the Scandinavian flick or work to become more confident drivers in adverse weather conditions.

Along with the driving experience, McLaren worked with Luxury Action to develop a program of winter activities such as a snowmobile excursion and a husky safari.

McLaren ice driving experience snowmobile

Pure McLaren's Arctic Experience includes activities such as snowmobile outings

Guests will stay at the Jávri Lodge, which used to be the home of the longest running Finland’s president Urho Kekkonen.

Available from Jan. 13 until Feb. 3, the McLaren experience can accommodate groups up to 14. It is open to both McLaren owners and non-owners, and both drivers and non-drivers are welcome.

McLaren ice driving experience lodging

Inside the Jávri Lodge

Prices begin at £12,500, or about $15,200 a person.

In its own winter driving experience, Italian automaker Maserati demonstrated the snow-friendly properties of its Q4 all-wheel drive system with a limited engagement in Aspen, CO.

From Feb. 11- 20, consumers were able to test-drive the brand’s all-wheel drive sedans, the Quattroporte and the Ghibli, in the mountainous ski town from a number of local resorts. While automakers may tout their vehicles’ handling in snowy conditions, nothing is as convincing for a potential customer as experiencing a feature in action (see story).