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Moët tells filmmakers “this is your moment” with $25K grant opportunity

January 6, 2017

Promotional image for Moët Moments Film Festival Promotional image for Moët Moment Film Festival


LVMH-owned Champagne maker Moët & Chandon is toasting Tinseltown with the launch of the 2017 Moët Moment Film Festival.

Much of Moët & Chandon’s marketing is centered on celebratory moments, from holidays to time spent with friends, as a way to express that Champagne is not only suitable for traditional occasions such as New Year’ Eve. In addition to celebratory moments, Moët & Chandon emphasises living life to the fullest in its marketing communications, another way to tout how Champagne fits into a consumer’s lifestyle.

Now is your moment

Moët & Chandon’s Moët Moment Film Festival launched just as the film industry has begun preparing for awards season.

For the effort, Moët & Chandon has produced a minute-long film titled “This is your moment.” In the short film, produced by Ghetto Film School, a waiter is shown approaching two women seated a table in a busy restaurant.

The women ask for two glasses of Champagne right as a band begins to set up their equipment at the other end of the restaurant. In the scenes following, the chaos of the kitchen is shown with the waiter and his tasks as the center of the commotion.

After the restaurant has finished service for the evening, the waiter is seen clearing tables but soon pauses to look at the band’s equipment. With no one else around, the waiter sits behind the drum kit and begins to play.

Hearing the music, the restaurant manager sticks his head out from the kitchen doors. The camera returns to the waiter as the piece he is playing builds in intensity.

When he hits the last note, clapping begins and when the waiter looks up, his fellow restaurant workers are shown applauding his talent.

This is Your Moment

The Moët Moment Film Festival, in partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival and other related partners, asks for filmmakers to submit a “unique expression of [their] moment” in either 30 seconds or one minute.

Moët & Chandon will select four winners with the grand prize winner receiving a $25,000 film grant. Submissions must be entered by March 27 and will be judged by a panel of actors and entertainment insiders.

Last year, Moët & Chandon called on filmmakers to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the Golden Globes.

For the last 25 years, Moët has been the official Champagne of the Golden Globes, positioning the house as the celebratory beverage and furthering its shared mantra of #MoetMoments. The Champagne house often asks consumers to document their own #MoetMoments, and now Moët hosts the Moët Moment Online Film Festival (see story).