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Mercedes showcases new corporate strategy at CES

January 9, 2017

Mercedes-Benz partners with Google Home Mercedes-Benz partners with Google Home


German automaker Mercedes-Benz is aiming to make driving safer, more entertaining and simpler with technology revealed this past week.

During the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, held from Jan. 5-8, Mercedes presented its CASE solutions, which stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service and Electric Drive. Mobility is in a period of change, as automakers race toward autonomous vehicles and continue to connect drivers to their cars via digital channels.

Mobility makeover
Presenting its concept for an autonomous vehicle, Mercedes has envisioned a cognitive car, which would use knowledge about its surroundings and traffic to react to scenario and act independently.

These cars would also be focused on delivering a pleasant driving experience through entertainment and support, anticipating and catering to the riders’ needs and wishes. For instance, the car would be able to suggest music or the next destination based on data it has collected about the user, using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Mercedes is also rolling out new technology that enables the user to connect their house with their car. Linking with devices such as Nest thermostats and Samsung SmartThings, a driver would be able to control the temperature in their home from anywhere.

Revealed last month, Mercedes is allowing consumers complete control over their vehicles without having to step foot outside of their homes through Google Home capability.

With so many advances in technology happening, the auto industry is miles ahead in terms of innovation. A series of luxury vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes are integrating with at-home virtual assistants, allowing consumers to complete various tasks with just their voice, such as turning on the car and getting fuel info (see story).

Mit intelligenter Technik will Mercedes-Benz zudem künftig die Parkplatzsuche vereinfachen. Mit „Community-based Parking“ erprobt Mercedes-Benz gemeinsam mit Bosch einen entsprechenden Service. ; Mercedes-Benz also aims to make finding a parking space simpler in future with the aid of intelligent technology. With "Community-based Parking", the company is trialling a corresponding service together with Bosch.;

Mercedes' "Community-Based Parking" with Bosch

With Bosch, Mercedes is testing a cloud-based solution to help drivers find open parking spaces. In this program, information about spots is sent from sensors on Mercedes cars into a cloud, where it is then transmitted to those in the area searching for a place to park.

A concept vehicle displays Mercedes’ ideas for helping drivers be “Fit & Healthy.” From scent and massage to promote relaxation to activating sound and active seats, this car is focused on wellness.

Wanting to keep travelers safer, Mercedes launched a project called “Predictive Emergency Defense,” which can sense a driver’s loss of consciousness through the use of an ECG vest. If an emergency occurs, the car will put on the hazard lights and will stop if necessary and call emergency numbers.

Mercedes also displayed its Concept EQ model, an SUV crossover that is indicative of CASE.

Die Navigation des Concept EQ beruht auf der Kartenplattform HERE und bietet eine einzigartige 3-D-Ansicht. Dazu verwendet das System die GPU Technologie von NVIDIA. ; The navigation system on board the Concept EQ is based on the HERE map platform and offers a unique 3D view. The system employs the GPU technology from NVIDIA to this end.;

Inside Mercedes' Concept EQ vehicle

"Individual mobility is virtually unparalleled in its crucial importance for economic and social development," said Ola Källenius, member of the Daimler board of management responsible for group research and Mercedes-Benz cars development. "In this area we are on the cusp of great changes which are comparable to the invention of the automobile.

"CASE sees us pooling our innovative prowess so as to ensure that we will play a crucial role in shaping the process of change," she said. "Vehicles from Mercedes-Benz will continue to set the standards for modern mobility in the digital age."