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Range Rover pushes forward in marketing and technology

March 3, 2017

Range Rover Velar exhibit Range Rover Velar exhibit


British automaker Land Rover is ushering in a first for London's Design Museum, as it unveils its fourth Range Rover model and begins a new partnership.

The new Range Rover Velar is the first vehicle to be unveiled at the Design Museum in London, which reopened in November 2016 after moving from its original location. Velar is the latest Range Rover model and will host a suite of technological features that will act as a butler for drivers.

"Two high definition 10-inch touchscreens are your window into the world," said Peter Virk, director of connected car & future technology at Jaguar Land Rover.

Innovation in design and marketing
Touch Pro Duo is the new infotainment system that will act as the anchor for the Range Rover Velar technology features. The vehicle will be fitted with two 10-inch touchscreens to control the suite of technology.

The system is design to anticipate consumers’ needs without interrupting their driving experience to make life easier.

Velar is receiving all-star treatment from Land Rover in its promotion. Hoping to corner a truly luxurious market, the Velar was unveiled as an exhibit within the Design Museum, as well as a photography gallery from renowned photographer Gary Bryan and a one-night pop-up display on the streets of London.

range rover velar

Range Rover Velar unveiling

Photos from Mr. Bryan are featured throughout social media and on Range Rover’s official Instagram account. Alongside the unveiling of Range Rover’s fourth vehicle at the museum, a pop-up display was located on Kensington High Street, West London alongside the Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover.

The Velar installation, named “Reductionism,” will be on display at the Design Museum until March 5. The exhibit is the first to come from the museum’s partnership with Land Rover.

Over the next three years, the automaker's partnership with the museum will see a range of collaborations, exhibitions and events.

Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Velar

Range Rover’s name for Velar comes from the brand’s history. During original production of the first Range Rovers, the name Velar was chosen as a code name to hide the prototype project.

Range Rover Velar video

The name Velar comes from the Latin word velare, which means “to veil” or “to hide.”

Range Rover exhibits
While the Range Rover installation is a first for the Design Museum, it is not the first for Land Rover.

For instance, Land Rover North America partnered with Condé Nast’s Architectural Digest and architecture firm HWKN to create an art installation that touts the all-aluminum body of the new Range Rover in 2014.

The one-off sculpture titled “Climbing Up” was available for public view in June 2014 in New York’s Meatpacking District where Ninth Avenue and 14th Street intersect. HWKN founders Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner designed the installation based on the body structure of the SUV (see more).

Recently, Land Rover North America took a page from Hollywood to show off its latest Range Rover design, with a short film that included a high-speed chase shot by an award-winning director.

“Glide” was a television commercial for the previous most recent design for the Range Rover. The ad showed the Range Rover racing against a glider plane, directed by Joachim Back in Nice, France (see more).

"The connected infotainment system learns from you and anticipates your needs, serving you what you want, when you want it - but never intrudes letting you enjoy the drive, while it takes the stress out of daily life, like any good butler or digital personal assistant should," Mr. Virk said.