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Damiani makes case for continued Italian jewelry production in Milanese exhibition

March 27, 2017

Palazzo Reale, Milan


Jeweler Damiani is showcasing Italian know-how and history through an exhibit of its archives.

“A Century of Excellence and Passion,” opened March 22 at Milan’s Palazzo Reale, presents the goldsmith’s designs as a reflection of Italian culture. Along with taking a trip through its own story, Damiani's exhibit reaffirms the jeweler's commitment to remaining made in Italy.

Go for the gold

Damiani’s choice of venue is significant. The jeweler was the official supplier to the Royal House of Savoy, the former tenants of the palace. After World War I, the Savoys sold the palazzo to the city of Milan, and today it functions as an art museum.

The opening room of Damiani’s exhibit features 10 pieces of its jewelry, each representing a decade of the house’s 90 years in business. A second area features 18 designs from the house that have won the Diamonds International Awards.

Bringing the exhibit into modern times, the final room displays a new collection that blends the brand’s heritage as a Valenza-based goldsmith with more contemporary design. This line is christened Margherita after the wife of Umberto I, the first monarch to rule over a united Italy, for whom brand founder Enrico Grassi Damiani dedicated a jewel early in the 20th century.

Inside Damiani's exhibit at Palazzo Reale

“Damiani is reaffirmed as a leading player in Italian culture around the world with this important exhibition,” said Guido Damiani, president of the Damiani Group, in a statement. “The company reiterates its commitment to conserving and valorizing fine manufacture made in Italy, meaning a tool necessary for the creation of quality artistic jewelry.

“Damiani is the only international goldsmith’s company still run by the founder’s family and this allows us to draw on an extraordinary heritage that makes our jewelry collections unique,” he said. “In this exhibition, we want to highlight the relationship that has always existed between Italian culture and our history of tradition – an extraordinary pairing that companies like Damiani have contributed to defining.”

Damiani’s exhibit, presented in cooperation with the City of Milan – Culture, will be up through April 18.

While Damiani looks back on Valenza's golden roots, another brand is writing a new chapter in the location's jewelry history.

LVMH-owned jeweler Bulgari is growing its production capabilities with the creation of a new site in Valenza, Italy.

On March 17, the brand officially inaugurated the facility, adding to its existing network of Italian manufacturing plants. Manifattura Bulgari is dedicated to producing the brand's main jewelry line, allowing the label to better meet rising global demand (see story).