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Rolls-Royce collects best Phantom vehicles for new exhibit

June 2, 2017

'The Fred Astaire Phantom I from Rolls-Royce


British automaker Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is celebrating the history of its most iconic vehicle with a special exhibition that will gather together stories alongside its most famous models.

Mayfair, London will act as host to eight Rolls-Royce Phantom models in the automaker’s latest exhibit. Rolls-Royce will be surprising fans throughout the next month, announcing the list of models one by one.

“This will be a never-before-seen gathering of the most famous Phantoms in the world, and is unlikely to be seen again,” said Andrew Boyle, head of product communications at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, London. “The fact that their owners have agreed for them all to come back to their spiritual home in Mayfair, London, the global home of luxury, is quite something else.”

Rolls-Royce as art
The first model to be announced as part of Rolls-Royce’s exhibit is the Fred Astaire Phantom I, owned by the American performer. The car will be featured on loan from the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles.

Fred Astaire famously owned a Rolls-Royce Phantom I

Rolls-Royce Phantom - “The Best Car in the World” will take place at the end of July in London. The automaker is describing the exhibit as the first time “this exceptional group of truly iconic luxury motoring pieces will be gathered under one roof.”

Each vehicle is noted as an important part of history and has been owned by a celebrity or a famous individual, similar to the first addition.

Rolls-Royce shares its Fred Astaire Phantom video

Leading up to the end of July, Rolls-Royce will slowly announce the Phantom vehicles to be a part of the exhibit one by one.

Throughout the lead up and at the exhibit itself, Rolls-Royce will tell each story that goes along with each Phantom.

Fred Astaire famously owned a Rolls-Royce Phantom I; Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce

For instance, Mr. Astaire's Rolls-Royce story was chronicled in a video. The iconic dancer bought the Phantom I during a successful run of Funny Face alongside his sister, before she retired to Ireland with her husband.

Rolls-Royce connects
Rolls-Royce is often adopting new unique methods in connecting to the public. For instance, British automaker Rolls-Royce further personalized bespoke, while simultaneously giving visual effects students a leg up in their careers with a new initiative.

The automaker is supporting emerging talent in virtual reality with a program that also benefits its customers. For its bespoke division, students from Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore were invited to design new programs in which customers can interact with the brand through VR (see more).

British automaker Rolls-Royce also invited consumers into its home to highlight the hands that collaborate to build its bespoke vehicles.

Debuted on April 7, the short film ”Goodwood” focuses on the brand’s headquarters in West Sussex, allowing viewers to see how the cars come together. This is the second episode in the brand’s “House of Rolls-Royce” series that traces its history as it preps for a milestone (see more).

“It’s not about how it benefits Rolls-Royce but rather how it benefits the public,” Rolls-Royce's Mr. Boyle said.

“Not only will they get to see the most famous examples of the previous seven generations of 'The Best Car in the World,’ in the one place at the one time, they will also be some of the first people in the world to see the New Phantom, the world’s leading luxury item,” he said.