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Dom Pérignon pops bottles as The Byblos Hôtel turns 50

June 1, 2017

Dom Pérignon created 5 limited-edition bottles for The Byblos Hôtel; Image credit: Dom Pérignon


LVMH-owned Champagne house Dom Pérignon is embracing the French Riviera's nightlife culture through five limited-edition bottles.

The series of limited-edition bottles was created by Dom Pérignon in collaboration with The Byblos Hôtel in Saint-Tropez as the 5-star resort celebrates 50 years. As part of ongoing celebrations at the property itself, The Byblos Hôtel has worked with brand friends to collaborate on limited-edition goods and experiences.

Nightlife love
For its leg of the anniversary collaboration, Dom Pérignon turned to The Byblos Hôtel’s Caves du Roy nightclub for inspiration.

To celebrate 50 years of The Byblos Hôtel and its on-site nightclub, Dom Pérignon decided on creative expression spread across five decades.

Dom Pérignon’s five bottles are wrapped in limited-edition Methuselah designs. Each of the bottle wraps aim to personify a particulate decade from the last 50 years.

For example, a psychedelic print adorns the 1970s commemorative bottle and a binary pattern was selected for the 2000s. A futuristic rainbow chrome was used for the Champagne bottle representing the current decade.

Each bottle also includes a silver band above the label signifying the year it represents.

Over the weekend of May 27-28, Dom Pérignon showed off the limited-edition bottle series at Caves du Roy during a party.

Dom Pérignon x Byblos: Introducing 5 limited-edition Methuselah designs

Missoni Home has also brought its colorful Italian style to the French Riviera as The Byblos Hôtel celebrates its 50th anniversary.

To celebrate its milestone anniversary, and all the revelers who have stayed within its rooms, The Byblos worked with Missoni Home’s Rosita Missoni to outfit a colorful suite. The Missoni suite at The Byblos is decorated entirely with furniture and fabrics from the Missoni Home brand to create an “authentic joie de vivre in the Italian style” (see story).