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Selfridges doubles as a performance space to save London’s music

June 27, 2017

Selfridges launched various niche collections for its Music Matter campaigns. Image credit: Selfridges


British department store Selfridges is emphasizing the close relationship between fashion and music with a new in-store initiative that mixes retail with performance.

Young affluent consumers are drawn in through experiences while shopping rather than just quality products. Selfridges is innovating the department store experience by turning its flagship into a performance venue throughout the summer and fall.

Music and fashion
The department store has altered its Ultralounge into a full performance studio fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

Selfridges is hoping to raise awareness and funds for music venues in London that are being threatened. “Music Matters” will donate 20 percent of profit to the Music Venues Trust, which supports independent live music in London.

Selfridges is blending music and fashion. Image credit: Selfridges

Music Matters will be supported with a series of social media marketing initiatives with visuals taken from the venue. Popular audio video designer group TEM will provide a series of unique installations and effects for each performance.

The initiative starts July 20 and will run until Oct. 8. The lineup will be announced July 6, the same day in which fans can purchase tickets.

Selfridges’ stage will be fitted with gauze, mirrors and lighting featuring live projections and reactive visual effects from TEM. The venue fits a group of 120 visitors.

A series of collections is available for purchase from Selfridges inspired by the event. Fans can shop band tees and merchandise or other styles that stem from music.

The collection features categories such as “Summer of Love style,” “Gothic Style” and “Glam Rock Style.”

Selfridges' Gothic luxury collection. Image credit: Selfridges

Shopping for a cause
Selfridges is often attempting to help out with various causes.

For instance, the department sore recently furthered its commitment to sustainability by including Positive Luxury’s Trust Button.

Industry and brand transparency is valued, but in many cases the consumer, especially one not familiar with the inner workings and practices of a particular brand, may be unaware if products meet a wanted standard of sustainability.

London-based Positive Luxury and its interactive Trust Button use technology to keep consumers informed of luxury brands’ commitments to quality, design, craftsmanship, service and sustainability (see more).

In another initiative to put the focus on sustainable clothing, Selfridges launched a series of consumer-facing education pushes and a special collection.

Selfridges partnered together on a capsule collection with yarn manufacture Tengri, which launched in London Jan. 9. Selfridges' Material World campaign is being showcased through a window display in its Oxford location, along with a series of consumer engagements to educate on sustainability (see more).