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Damiani traces royal, celebrity affiliations in Moscow exhibition

September 1, 2017

Piece on display at Damiani's "A century of excellence and passion" exhibit in Milan. Image credit: Damiani


Italian jeweler Damiani has chosen Russia as the second stop for its traveling exhibit.

After its debut in Milan this spring, the brand’s “A century of excellence and passion. The evolution of Italian customs through Damiani jewels” is being staged at the State Historical Museum in Moscow. Beyond educating consumers on its history, Damiani's display shares some of its latest creations, allowing consumers to learn about the house's past and present.

From Milan to Moscow
Damiani’s exhibit traces the brand’s history through some of its most notable pieces.

One area displays 10 pieces that each reflect one decade in the house’s almost century-long timeline. Along with the jewelry, Damiani is showcasing sketches and technical descriptions to further visitors’ understanding of the production process.

Damiani is also spotlighting 18 of its pieces that have achieved Diamonds International Awards.

Damiani's exhibit at Palazzo Reale. Image credit: Damiani

Taking the exhibit to the present, Damiani is presenting its new collection that takes inspiration from history. The Margherita collection is based on the sketches brand founder Enrico Grassi Damiani created for a piece dedicated to Queen Margherita.

Along with showcasing its royal heritage, the jeweler ends its exhibit with a look at the celebrities who have worn its pieces on red carpets, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Isabella Rossellini, Jennifer Anniston and Sharon Stone. The exhibit also pays tribute to Sophia Loren, who Damiani dedicated a collection to.

The exhibit, opened Aug. 31, will be up through Sept. 30.

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