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Poltrona Frau works with local children to fund museum initiative

September 27, 2017

The limited-edition Poltrona Frau Mini Vanity Fair. Image credit: Poltrona Frau


Italian furniture maker Poltrona Frau is planting seeds for the future by lending its support to the creation of a new children’s museum in Favara, Sicily.

Poltrona Frau has pledged its dedication to the creation of Farm Children’s Museum, a center that will inspire children of all ages via hands-on educational and creative activities. Luxury brands often align with a particular cause that gives back to the local community through efforts that rest on arts and education.

Take a seat for creativity
For the effort, Poltrona Frau has partnered with art-focused charity, the Farm Cultural Park.

Through the sale of limited-edition Vanity Fair armchairs, Poltrona Frau will help to support the construction of the Farm Children’s Museum in Favara. The children’s museum will serve as a new headquarters for the charity and will offer educational activities for children.

All activities will be hands-on to foster creativity through the use of colors and materials in play, experimenting, investing and developing a critical sense. The Farm Children’s Museum hopes that through play and exploration children will become better citizens tomorrow.

For the initiative, Poltrona Frau has created 250 limited-edition Vanity Fair armchairs in three sizes: Standard, Baby and Mini.

Poltrona Frau's Vanity Fair armchair is a brand signature. Image credit: Poltrona Frau

The Baby and Mini Vanity Fair armchairs, created in a series of 50 and 100 pieces, respectively, will be upholstered in a colorful fabric. The textile was created by the children of Tolentino where Poltrona Frau’s headquarters and museum are based.

Poltrona Frau and the children of Tolentino created the colorful fabric specifically for the children of Favara, a Sicilian town that was run-down and semi-abandoned before being transformed into a modern art exhibition.

For the standard Vanity Fair armchair, Poltrona Frau found inspiration in the shade of ancient Sicilian housing. The standard version of 75 pieces will be upholstered in the new Pelle Frau Nubuck leather in seppia, a sandy grey.

Proceeds of the Vanity Fair arm chairs will benefit the creation of the Farm Children’s Museum in Favara.

Poltrona Frau - Farm Children’s Museum of Favara

Poltrona Frau is very active in supporting its local Italian community.

In 2016, Poltrona Frau Group raised funds to help individuals affected by a devastating earthquake that affected its home country.

The 6.2-magnitude earthquake on Aug. 24 killed at least 290 people, while others suffered injury or the loss of their homes as buildings crumbled. With its headquarters nearby to the site of the earthquake in central Italy, Poltrona Frau Group is looking to help its neighbors with a corporate fundraising initiative (see story).