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Photos from Women in Luxury 2017

September 29, 2017

The stage at Women in Luxury. All images by Danny Parisi


On Sept. 26, Luxury Daily held its first Women in Luxury conference discussing women both as consumers and as the foundation of the luxury industry.

Held at the UBS Building in New York, Women in Luxury was organized by Luxury Daily to both discuss and analyze important issues facing women in the luxury world. From how to market to women to how to let women flourish and advance through the company ranks, the event ran the gamut of topics with input from some of the top women in luxury today.

From left to right: Sarah Zaouk, Sara Orlando, Roberta Naas, Rebecca Fisher, Sharon Buntain

Attendees at the event

Attendees at the event

Raul Rios

Mingling before lunch

From left to right: Jean Poh, Rati Levesque, Jennie Baik, Karen Giberson

From left to right: Melody Lee, Morin Oluwole, Faith Consolo, Meg Touborg, Amy Romero

Lunch time

Attendees offer their thoughts on the presentations

Katie Abouzahr

Shireen Jiwan