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Alrosa launches Diamonds That Care collaboration

July 28, 2020

Brilliant Earth x Diamonds That Care collection Alrosa's Diamonds That Care collection includes 9 designs. Image credit: Brilliant Earth


Alrosa, the world’s largest diamond miner, is partnering with a lab-grown diamond creator to launch a responsible jewelry collection as part of its Diamonds That Care initiative.

Exclusively available to Brilliant Earth customers, the Diamonds That Care collection will feature nine designs with ethically sourced materials. Ten percent of the sales will be donated directly to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

“Diamonds That Care is more than a brand name, it is a line of thought, a calling to the luxury industry to cultivate more products and projects ‘that care’ for the communities,” said Sergey Ivanov, CEO at Alrosa, in a statement. “We believe every natural diamond should be more than just part of a jewelry piece but a helping hand for those who need support.

“People have become much more responsible than before, and now the diamond is another way to show responsibility,” he said.

Brilliant Earth x Alrosa
Brilliant Earth’s Diamonds That Care collection includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Each piece is engraved with the words “I Care.”

The jewelry is made using recycled gold and brown hued diamonds, which were ethically mined in Yakutia, a region in Siberia.

The Diamonds That Care collection was made with recycled gold and ethically mined diamonds. Image credit: Brilliant Earth

As Russia’s leading diamond company, Alrosa has already undertaken many projects in Yakutia as part of its Diamonds That Care mission. This includes building hospitals, schools and cultural centers in small towns and remote villages in the area.

Earlier this month, Alrosa auctioned three pieces of jewelry created by Anna Hu to support healthcare workers confronting the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Taiwan-born and New York-based Ms. Hu created the jewelry pieces for the Diamonds That Care auction using rich brown diamonds (see story), similar to the Brilliant Earth collection.

According to Alrosa, the auction, which was conducted by Christie’s, raised $338,781 for the Brave of Heart Fund.

The Brilliant Earth x Diamonds That Care collection is on sale online now through December 2020. Jewelry prices range from $790 to $2,190.