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Rolls-Royce Pebble Beach anniversary car sells within minutes

September 2, 2010

Rolls-Royce's special edition Coupe and accessories designed specifically for the vehicle


A one-off special edition Phantom Drophead Coupe created by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars to commemorate the nation’s most prestigious vintage and classic car event sold within minutes.

The luxury automaker publically unveiled the $575,360 car on Aug. 15 at the 60th anniversary Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event in Carmel, CA. The company used the event to showcase the high degree of customization available in the purchase of its vehicles.

“The Pebble Beach 60th Anniversary Phantom Drophead Coupe originated from the desire to create something special to suit and appropriately celebrate the occasion,” said Emily Dungey, spokeswoman at Rolls-Royce, London. “The car was designed entirely for this purpose.

“We have an in-house department at our head office that is constantly working on new concepts and special edition cars, tirelessly exploring possibilities and looking to engineer something exceptional,” she said.

Sticker price for the Phantom Drophead Coupe begins at $447,000. The price of the Pebble Beach special edition was inclusive of bespoke options, handling and taxes.

Rolls-Royce is a subsidiary of the BMW Group. Among its customers are corporate bosses, celebrities and heads of state, such as the British queen.

The Concours d’Elegance is held annually as a celebration of automotive ingenuity.

rollsroyce1852Coupe de coeur

A major feature of the Rolls-Royce sales proposition is the high level of specialization available via its bespoke service.

The bespoke team develops features big and small to tailor the car to a customer’s precise specifications.

The special edition vehicle includes a number of bells and whistles implemented by the bespoke team, such as an exterior paint color called “Stillwater Blue” – a tribute to Stillwater Cove on California’s Monterey peninsula where Pebble Beach is located.

The coupe also features a special navy blue soft-top roof, the inside of which is lined with cashmere.

The interior is upholstered in “Crème Light” leather.

Interior wood fittings were made from cross-banded Santos Pallisander veneer with a silver pinstripe inlay.


The dashboard is emblazoned with an enameled plaque.

The tread plates and all seats feature the Concours d’Elegance logo.

Rolls-Royce also designed accessories such as a fully-fitted Champagne service set and a picnic kit built specially for the Pebble Beach Coupe.

“This set is a great example of our bespoke capabilities, meticulously designed and created over a period of six months – totaling 1,500 hours of expertise and craftsmanship – although it is but one of around 100 highly personalized and unique items created in the last 18 months,” Ms. Dungey said.

Customization a key feature
Rolls-Royce markets its vehicles through a variety of channels, including events such as Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, as well as traditional advertising and an iPhone application.

A major component of many of these promotions is an emphasis on the customization afforded buyers of the luxury vehicles.

For example, an interactive feature that lets mobile users design their own Rolls-Royce Ghost is a selling point of the company’s iPhone application (see story).

Rolls-Royce said the special edition Coupe is just one more instance of the high degree of specialization in its automobiles.

“We are extremely fortunate to have such a highly skilled workforce, and to be able to explore possibilities such as that of the picnic set and the Pebble Beach anniversary car, ensuring [that] the talents of these individuals are fully realized,” Ms. Dungey said.