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Porsche, Jaguar to launch new models against Hollywood backdrop

October 29, 2010

Porsche has big plans for the 2010 L.A. Auto Show


European automakers Porsche and Jaguar are among the high-end brands parlaying the glitz of Hollywood to boost vehicle debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month.

This year’s Auto Show will play host to more than 50 vehicle debuts from 26 manufacturers. The event will be held Nov. 19-28 in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“The Los Angeles market is the perfect place to debut luxury cars,” said Brendan Flynn, spokesman at L.A. Auto Show, Los Angeles. “As car lovers have come to expect, dazzling displays of sports cars and luxury vehicles will add to the glamour of this year’s L.A. Auto Show.”

Show time
Luxury car brands will be out in force at this year's Auto Show.

German automaker Porsche in particular will making a splash, as it has an entire exhibition hall to itself.

Among the carmaker's slate of vehicles are new models of its 911 Carrera GTS and 911 Speedster.

Jaguar is also making noise with the expected debut of its C-X75 concept car.

The British automaker claims the vehicle is capable of running solely on electric power for 68 miles in one charge. The vehicle is also capable of running for up to 560 miles by using an on-board power-generating system.

The Range Rover Evoque

Meanwhile, Land Rover is presenting its new four-door Range Rover Evoque, which the automaker claims is the smallest, lightest and most fuel-efficient vehicle it has ever produced.

Other upscale car manufacturers unveiling new models at the show include BMW, Audi and Lotus.

BMW will be revealing a redesign of its X3 crossover vehicle, while Audi plans to show off its new A7 Sportback.

Specialty sports car manufacturer Lotus will be relaunching its brand with the reveal of five different concept cars meant to illustrate the company’s plans for the future.

Other automakers with plans to exhibit at the show are Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Ferrari.

Bouncing back

The luxury auto sector seems to have recovered from the recession and actually outpaces the general market, according to (see story).

Likewise, has also observed a thriving auto market, spurred by the increasingly attractive lease offers car dealers are able to offer consumers (see story).

The Auto Show could provide greater insight into how upscale brands plan to bounce back from the recession.

“The major automakers’ 2011 model season kicks into high gear at the LA Auto Show, where media and the public can get an exciting preview of how recent changes in the industry, the environment and the economy will ultimately affect the cars they drive and the recent news of improved new vehicle sales due to greater consumer demand,” he said.