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Sue Wong pays homage to My Fair Lady with fall collection

March 25, 2011

My fair ladies


NEW YORK – Sue Wong personally showcased her "My Fair Lady"-inspired fall collection March 24 to invite-only guests at a private showroom.

Dress designer Sue Wong added a hint of color to its traditional black and Champagne-colored gowns for the fall collection. Consumers can buy the collection at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingale's stores nationwide.

“The fall 2011 collection features ornately wrought gowns and cocktail dresses in rich satin, flowing chiffons and fine laces, embellished with Edwardian-inspired beadwork, intricate embroidery and delicate appliqué with skirts of organza and ostrich feather,” said Sue Wong, the designer. “Beautiful, romantic and elegant, the collection can transform any woman into a goddess, enchantress and duchess.”

Guests enjoyed coffee and breakfast while getting up-close and personal with the dresses. There were two in-house models in attendance that brought the gowns to life.


Inside the showroom

The sounds of music from the ballet “Swan Lake” provided the background music for the event.

Pretty please

Ms. Wong created this collection preview in accordance with a recent Los Angeles Fashion Week Presentation at her home in Hollywood.

The event paid tribute to My Fair Lady’s personification of the Edwardian era.

Sue Wong Fall 2011 collection at showroom

My Fair Lady starred Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn in a highly-acclaimed movie depicting a struggle of a woman becoming a lady.

Guests of the Los Angeles Fashion Week Presentation rose to the occasion by donning their favorite Sue Wong gowns and ascot hats.

The fall 2011 collection pays homage to the film’s theme of transformation and the detailing of Edwardian styling.


Alternative bridal part of the collection

“My Fair Lady is one of my favorite films,” Ms. Wong said. “The theme of this collection is transformation and personal empowerment.

“The film ultimately recalls the theme of the collection of beauty, magic and transformation,” she said.

Ms. Wong believes that clothing has the ability to empower and transform a woman.

The fall 2011 encompasses both cocktail and full-length gowns, complementing younger and older women.


Gowns from the Fall Collection

“My demographic is very wide,” Ms. Wong said. “I call it prom-to-mom because I sell to the upscale prom girl and while she is trying on gowns her mom can shop the collection, too.

“The collection is classic designs for the young ladies and mature women,” she said.

Where is she?

The designer created a lookbook for the fall 2011 collection that has full-page images of some of the gowns.

Ms. Wong said the brand also incorporates Twitter and Facebook into the marketing mix.


Fall 2011 campaign

“I basically use Twitter and Facebook as a business tool to help fans,” Ms. Wong said. “I also like to update them on my traveling sites because they are so magical.

“Online is very much of a movement in the 21st century,” she said.

Final take

Sue Wong's Fall 2011 collection- a new modern era?