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Nordstrom supports breast cancer with lingerie fitting

March 28, 2011


nordstrom-bra-185Department store chain Nordstrom is taking the fight for the cure to its retail stores with the Nordstrom Fits America lingerie event dedicated to raise money for breast cancer.

Nordstrom retail locations nationwide will host the free bra-fit event. The retailer will donate $2 to charities for breast cancer for every bra bought.

“Nordstrom is known for its customer service, and as a luxury retailer, it realizes that events like these can create the ultimate in-store experience while supporting a great cause,” said Courtney Albert, consultant on marketing and branding for Parker Avery, Atlanta.

“It follows Nordstrom’s long-term initiative of leaving a positive footprint in all areas that it becomes involved in,” she said.

Parker Avery is not affiliated with Nordstrom, but Ms. Albert agreed to comment as a third-party expert source.

The retailer pledges to donate a minimum of $200,000 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and selected Susan G. Komen events.

Other contributors are Donna Karan Intimates, Chantelle, Spanx and Calvin Klein.

Get fit

Consumers can RSVP to a nearby event on Nordstrom’s Web site.

Expert bra-fitters will be at the event to assist and educate customers.

Nordstrom will also have Certified Prosthesis Fitters for consumers following a mastectomy, lumpectomy or other reconstructive surgery.

“On the list of shopping excursions for many women, bra shopping is located much lower because it is such a personal and sometimes frustrating experience,” Ms. Albert said. “By positioning itself as the go-to place, without any of that past anxiety involved, that is a huge win for not only Nordstrom but its consumer base.”

Nordstrom's site also has a bra-fit video, online fit guide and links to the Susan G. Komen site.

In addition, customers can use the Nordstrom site to shop for lingerie.

Caring touch

Approximately one in eight women nationwide are diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Breast cancer does not care about economic barriers,” Ms. Albert said. “There is a good chance that most Nordstrom shoppers know someone affected by cancer.”

This effort serves as a purpose to drive sales, but it hits closer to home than other in-store events.

Nordstrom is not just offering a product, but an experience that could add value to the lives of women, whether they are affected by cancer or not.

This event capitalizes on Nordstrom’s history of customer service and focusing on an individual.

Furthermore, Nordstrom is providing a forum for women to learn more about something that affects them, allowing them to ask questions.

This will lead to breast cancer awareness, brand equity and will allow Nordstrom to be known as a retailer that truly cares about its customers.

“As a retailer, when you can deliver the intangible things such as confidence, you are not only building loyalty but a stronger advocate for your brand,” Ms. Albert said. “It’s a strong marketing tactic, but it acts as more than that because it’s actually empowering women."