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Fabergé promotes iconic collection, CSR with world’s largest egg hunt

January 11, 2012


Russian jeweler Fabergé is tugging on consumers' heartstrings through a new Easter-focused charity event that will benefit neglected children in London and the endangered Asian elephant.

Fabergé is hosting the world’s largest Easter Egg Hunt featuring the brand’s signature egg design next month in London. The brand is spreading the word through celebrity endorsements, local events and a signature breakfast dish at the Goring Hotel in London.

""Eggs are synonymous with Fabergé and it is almost impossible to think of one without the other," said Sarah Fabergé, great granddaughter of Peter Carl Fabergé and Special Projects Director at Fabergé, London.

"The egg is symbolic of life and rebirth in so many different cultures and, in the days of the Russian Imperial Court, Faberge Eggs were given by the Tsars as symbols of new life," she said.

"How could we not be involved in a Big Egg Hunt that supports such worthy causes as the protection of young lives and the animals that share our planet?"

Elephantine effort
Fabergé’s Big Egg Hunt will be take place throughout London starting Feb. 21 and lasting for the following 40 days.

The egg hunt dates are based on the 40 days of the Christian Lent period with the hunt ending on Easter Sunday.

Fabergé will be spreading 200 eggs throughout the city and is encouraging members of the public to find the eggs before the deadline.

The eggs for the hunt are two-and-a-half feet tall and made of fiberglass.

The jewelry brand has asked various artists and jewelers including the Chapman brothers, Vivienne Westwood, Giles Deacon, Zandra Rhodes, Diane von Furstenberg, Sophie Dahl, Rob Ryan and William Curley to each design an egg.

"The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt encourages and celebrates creativity and design, qualities that lie at the very heart and soul of Fabergé," Ms. Fabergé said. "My great-gradfather Peter Carl Faberge was a legendary artist-jeweller, known for his relentless pursuit of innovation and artistry.

"We are continuing that mission today, by collaborating with the world’s leading artists as well as encouraging and supporting emerging talent, the artists of the future," she said.

Once the egg hunt ends on April 8, Fabergé will auction off the eggs with the goal of raising $3,089,318 for charity.

There will be three auctions: an online auction, a public daytime auction and a grand auction. Fabergé has not yet released more details regarding the time or place of the auctions.

However, the brand has selected its two charities.

Fabergé is planning to split the proceeds between the London-based Action for Children charity and the British Elephant Family organization.

The Action for Children organization works to support and speak-up about injustices committed against Britain’s neglected and vulnerable children.

The Elephant Family organization works to preserve and protect the lives of endangered Asian elephants.

“I believe the Fabergé promotion is sending a strong message that Fabergé is a socially-concerned and responsible company that supports charitable activities,” said Ron Kurtz, president of American Affluence Research Center, Atlanta.

“[Indeed], such promotions if structured properly can have good credibility among affluent consumers,” he said.

Egg shill
Fabergé is spreading the word through a number of events in London and local celebrity endorsements.

British food writer and broadcaster Tom Parker Bowles hosted a special event at the Goring Hotel to present a new signature breakfast dish specially-made for Fabergé that will be served in the hotel's restaurant until the end of the auction.

Derek Quelch, head chef of Goring's restaurant, has created “Eggs Fabergé,” a dish comprising smoked salmon, scrambled Burford Brown eggs, quail’s egg, lobster and caviar.

Mr. Bowles has also created a video announcing the Fabergé Egg Hunt which can be found on the label’s official YouTube channel.

Fabergé’s video featuring Mr. Bowles

A Web site has also been created to inform people about the various components of the Egg Hunt and Fabergé’s involvement that is found at

However, Fabergé has not yet posted any information on its Web site.

The jewelry brand has been going through quite a facelift over the past few months and is looking to re-engage with the current consumer.

In addition to upping its corporate social responsibility, Fabergé opened a new retail location in London last month (see story).

The brand also ran its first advertising campaign in its history this past fall which was shot by fashion photographer Mario Testino (see story).

Indeed, this latest project may help bolster Fabergé’s reputation amongst consumers and increase brand awareness.

“I think the size of the event will help to generate favorable publicity for Fabergé,” Mr. Kurtz said.

“Whether it will attract many of Fabergé’s clients to participate in the event is another question,” he said.

Final Take
Kayla Hutzler, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York