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Four Seasons, JetWay target ultra-affluent with $400,000 package

February 1, 2013


Four Seasons Hotel New York and JetWay Private Air are partnering to offer a Valentine’s Day package that includes a chartered flight, penthouse accommodation and a Premier Gem diamond necklace.

The "52 Love Salute" package runs at $417,000 to $487,000, depending on the departure city. Four Seasons and Jetway are likely push the package to existing wealthy customers since a small portion of the consumer pool can afford to book the package.

“Putting together an extravagant, romantic and exciting celebration should be easy,” said Chet Dudzik Jr., founder and president of Jetway Private Air, Miami, FL. “On Valentine's Day, customers like to have multiple things – experiential, material and exclusive – so we gathered partners like Four Seasons and Premier Gem to provide our audiences with a well-thought-out trio to make romance soar.

“We intend to show customers how to put together tiered experiences, demonstrating that we all understand our customers’ needs and by doing the leg work in advance, that they continue to seek us out for ideas, new experiences and we become a conduit for adding spice not just convenience to their plans and routines,” he said.

First-class trip

Couples who book the package will travel to New York from anywhere in the United States via a private chartered flight. They can choose from one of Jetway’s private aircraft.

Onboard, guests will listen to a playlist of 52 love songs and will be provided with 52 love poems.

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The couple will stay at the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite that is named for the owner of the Four Seasons Hotel New York.

The package includes unlimited use of the hotel's house Rolls-Royce vehicle driven by a personal chauffeur, as well as the attention of a personal butler.

During the evening, couples will be served caviar and Champagne at Calvisius Caviar Bar and dinner by executive chef John Johnson.

Also included are unlimited massages in the penthouse’s spa room.

Ty Warner suite master bathroom

Couples receive a 52-carat heart-shaped diamond necklace from Premier Gem Corp. with the package.

The package must be booked over the phone.

Package deal

Other private aviation brands have partnered with hotels to create packages for their customers.

For example, Four Seasons Resort Nevis and Magellan Jets partnered to market a Caribbean flight and hotel package to affluent travelers that corresponded with Nevis island’s Culturama festival.

The hotel package offered during July and August included a private flight and a four-night stay in a suite (see story).

In addition, PlaneClear partnered with high-end travel company In The Know Experiences to offer a package for the 2012 London Olympics. It included flights in a private jet, a five-night hotel stay in London and access to the sporting events (see story).

JetWay is sure to partner with brands that reflect its status so that all parties involved get a halo effect from one another, per Mr. Dudzik.

“While true love is a daily celebration, Valentine's Day often poses challenges," Mr. Dudzik said. "People hesitate or aren't sure what to plan.

"Since love crosses all boundaries and time zones, we felt this would resonate with our customer sets more than other holidays," he said. "Love is extravagant - we get to be a vendor for affluent lovers."

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Tricia Carr, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York