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Fendi informs consumers of new pop-up shop via social video

July 31, 2014

fendi pop-up Fendi Shanghai pop-up


Italian fashion house Fendi is informing enthusiasts about the new Shanghai Plaza66 pop-up store that just opened through a social video.

The video was released on the brand’s social media accounts via its YouTube channel. Fendi's behind-the-scenes of the building processes and exclusive look at the store will likely generate intrigue from consumers, which may lead to in-store visits.

Popping up the pop-up

Fendi's video encourages consumers to visit the Shanghai Plaza66 between July and December of 2014.

The video shows the initial construction straight through to the laying out process. The video gives insight into the designers establishing the locations for each shelf and then every product.

Items are neatly arranged and secured to mannequins. Then the outside is revealed.

The music changes as the store is completed and the viewer receives a behind-the-scenes look at the new store without any consumers inside.

Fendi pop-up video

Viewers are encouraged to create social conversation about the pop-up with the hashtag #FendiFun

Fendi has previously released videos for their pop-up shops. Most are similar to this in that they are fun and quick, portraying the #FendiFun concept.

For example, the Italian fashion house was gearing up for the official opening of its SoHo pop-up store with a social video in the style of a pop-up book.

The merchandise at the pop-up on 122 Greene St. is rotating monthly, with different themes to show off different aspects of Fendi. Bringing consumers into the official opening through social media helped them feel part of the celebration (see story).