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Bremont elevates Jaguar’s E-Type revival via exclusive timepieces

August 13, 2014

Bremont Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Watch Bremont Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Watch


British watchmaker Bremont is adding six thematic timepieces to the recreation of six Jaguar 1963 E-Type vehicles, giving brand enthusiasts a rare opportunity to attain an ultra-exclusive set piece.

The 1963 E-Type line was originally meant to be an 18-car set, but only 12 were constructed. Now, Jaguar is returning to its initial goal, executing the final six vehicles to identically match the originals.

"Both Jaguar and Bremont share similar brand values and our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Britain," said Lindsay Weaver, licensing and branded goods director at Jaguar Land Rover, Crewe, Britain. "Both companies also have a reputation for excellence and innovation.

"In the past, Bremont has also provided clocks for our concept cars, so we are familiar with their skills and their ability to produce bespoke timepieces," she said.

Unfinished business

The six E-type vehicles are the first line to come from the brand's recently created Jaguar Heritage section within its Special Operations division.

E-Type Jaguar - Bremont1

Jaguar's 1963 Lightweight E-Type

Jaguar Heritage's mission is to mine the brand's history for compelling ideas.

The unfinished nature of the 1963 E-Type line appealed to the designers.

E-Type Jaguar - Bremont2

Jaguar's 1963 Lightweight E-Type

Each of the cars will receive a chassis originally allocated for construction in 1963. For the rest of the vehicle, the automaker will try to stay true to the original materials, while updating it in places where modern materials make more sense.

E-Type Jaguar - Bremont3

Jaguar's 1963 Lightweight E-Type

The E-Type models will include an aluminum bodyshell with doors, trunklid, hardtop and bonnet. Also, the engines will mirror the engines built in 1963.

A prototype of the revived vehicles is on display at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance through Aug. 17.

E-Type Jaguar - Bremont4

Jaguar's 1963 Lightweight E-Type

Bremont is crystallizing the historic nature of the set by creating six timepieces that reference the E-Type in many ways.

The sparse, straightforward nature of the watch echoes the car's design. A piece of aluminium from the car is embedded into the watch's band.

E-Type Jaguar - Bremont8

Bremont Jaguar Lightweight E-Type watch

The hour and minute hands resemble the tachometer needle and the rotor is shaped like the car's steering wheel, embellished with a wood frame.

E-Type Jaguar - Bremont7

Bremont Jaguar Lightweight E-Type watch

Also, the chassis number of the corresponding car is printed at the six o'clock mark.

E-Type Jaguar - Bremont6

Bremont Jaguar Lightweight E-Type watch

The watches will first be made available to the owners of the six E-Types, as a way to seal the set's exclusivity.

Jaguar and Bremont released a video exploring their brand parallels and the design process.

The Bremont Lightweight E-Type Watch

Plenty in common

Auto and watchmakers regularly team up to highlight shared values, and to attract one another's clients.

For instance, Swiss watchmaker Frédérique Constant is strengthening its connection to classic automobiles with two themed partnerships.

Frédérique Constant’s automotive-themed partnerships are meant to underscore the point of pride for automakers: power, precision engineering and passion. These ideas can also be connected to the world of watchmaking, as much of the precision, styling and passion are codes of timepiece manufacturers (see story).

Also, Swiss watchmaker Hublot is reaching out to its New York consumers with an exclusive timepiece inspired by Manhattan taxi cabs.

Hublot has only produced 26 King Power 692 Bang watches, which will be sold exclusively at the brand’s Madison Avenue boutique, the flagship store for the United States. Creating limited-edition exclusives for a particular geographic location is one way watchmakers celebrate their relationship with local consumers (see story).

Similar to Hublot's relationship with Ferrari, Jaguar will be able to leverage its Bremont partnership for years to come.

"The launch of this exclusive Lightweight E-Type watch marks the start of a long term relationship for Jaguar and Bremont," Ms. Weaver said. "Future editions will be announced at a later date."

Final Take
Joe McCarthy, staff writer on Luxury Daily, New York