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Marc Jacobs opens pop-up tweet shop in London to exchange social currency

August 13, 2014

Tweet shop in London Tweet shop in London


U.S. fashion brand Marc Jacobs is once again creating a digital daisy chain through a pop-up tweet shop, this time in London.

The Daisy pop-up tweet shop does not take currency, only tweets. Consumers will be able to exchange tweets for merchandise creating a social conversation among fans and other London shoppers.

Flower chain

The London shop will be in the Covent Garden. A similar shop was open in New York last February during fashion week.

Marc Jacobs had built a community for its Daisy fragrance lovers by creating a virtual daisy chain that incorporated social media, the scent’s ongoing campaign and in-store efforts.

The label reinforced its promotion of the Daisy fragrance throughout the month of January with fan-submitted images that created a sense of community among enthusiasts. Marc Jacobs elevated the promotion of Daisy with a series of physical events that fortified the relationship established online to increase engagement (see story).

Consumers must tweet or post on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #MJDaisyChain.

The London shop will offer a lounge, free wi-fi, free coffee, hashtag-paid manicures and a DJ set.

Consumers, once in store are asked to post with the hashtag and will in return receive merchandise. Products such as perfume and handbags will be available.

The most creative tweet will be rewarded with a handbag.

Daisy Treats for Daisy Tweets video

The event has been promoted on the brand’s social media pages through images and a video featuring a man handing out daisies to various people on the streets of London.

The Covent Garden location will be open Aug. 15 to 17.