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Hasselblad presents booth at photokina to reach photography enthusiasts

August 20, 2014


Hasselblad camera Swedish camera brand Hasselblad Bron is gearing up for its exhibition at the imaging fair photokina 2014.

Every two years photokina brings together the imaging industry including brands, professionals and passionate consumers. This year, Hasselblad created various activities to present several cameras and the work behind brand photographers.

"By being an exhibitor, brands are able to showcase themselves and have a dominate presence," said Kimmie Smith, accessory expert and co-founder/creative director of Accessory2, New York.

"In this case, the brand is able to be the focal point. With this presence, attendees are able to interact, exchange and engage in a myriad of ways while keeping it in context of the brand."

Ms. Smith is not affiliated with Hasselblad, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Hasselblad was unable to respond by press deadline.

Out of this world photography
Hasselblad's booth will provide a catwalk experience, guest speakers and a knowledge bar.

The catwalk experience will let registered guests use one of the Hasselblad cameras to photograph a fashion show with models in space-themed haute-couture. Guests are encouraged to register prior to this event. The space theme will also carry over to other events.

For instance, the guest speaker, Michael Najjar will talk about his project that explores the cultural significance of present-day and the future of space flight.

This space theme relates back to the brands recent celebration of the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon mission by releasing a user’s manual for astronauts to photograph their space expeditions.

Hasselblad photo booth

Hasselblad booth

The 40-page online manual aimed to instruct astronauts about the Hasselblad 500 EL/M camera and about the general techniques behind taking space photographs. The manual brought attention to Hasselblad’s involvement with the space expedition and the brand’s camera collections (see story).

Hasselblad also released a behind-the-scenes video about the campaign shoot. This video features photographer Karl Taylor’s space-themed shoot with the H5D-50c camera and CFV-50c digital back.

The video begins with text from Mr. Taylor that explains that when he was asked to shoot the futuristic campaign for Hasselblad at Photokina he was honored to provide images for the brand, but concerned about the sci-fi fashion theme.

Hasselblad photo shoot

Mr. Taylor's photo shoot

The photographer explains how he assembled a team to help achieve the goal of Hasselblad. The shoot took place in London with the help of Mr. Taylor, a model management company and several stylists.

The video shows Mr. Taylor using the Hasselblad cameras and the computer technology used to enhance the shots.

The last part of the video shows the still images of the models in their futuristic clothing and an explanation from Mr. Taylor about the shoot and the cameras used along with his background with the brand’s models.

This video is a prelude to the catwalk event at photokina this fall.

Photokina will take place between Sept. 16 and 21 in Cologne, Germany.

Exhibitor competition

Attending an event as an exhibitor can provide information to consumers who are already interested in a similar type of product.

For example, home appliance maker Jenn-Air encouraged affluent attendees of the Architectural Digest Home Design Show to interact with the brand through first-time efforts in partnership with the publication and The New York Times.

The appliance brand hosted seminars and a sweepstakes at the show and worked with Architectural Digest on a video series. Jenn-Air was looking to get noticed more each year since the event attracts quite a few of its competitors (see story).

Being an exhibitor provides brands with the ability to align themselves with competitors, while appealing to consumers.

"We're in an age where people look for social and intimate workings that happen within and behind the scenes of the brand," Ms. Smith said.

"They want to know more about what makes the brand who it is and the feeling of "being an insider" by getting behind the brand," she said.

"There is an interesting juxtaposition when people see the brand within an exhibition level of its full marketing and then pared down with brand aesthetics minus the marketing machine."

Final Take
Nancy Buckley, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York