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Peninsula Hotel hosts exhibition to highlight local talent

August 20, 2014

Bei Shui at Peninsula Hotel Beijing Bei Shui at Peninsula Hotel Beijing


Peninsula Hotel Beijing is hosting The Paradox, an art exhibition from Bei Shui that explores the illusion of movement and realism.

For the past two years the hotel has hosted a Peninsula Art Residency program, so to keep the tradition moving forward this season the hotel chose Mr. Shui. The exhibition provides a connection to art and celebrates local talent.

Localizing art
Mr. Shui was born in Jilin, China and later set up a work studio in Beijing. His style is poetic and focuses on thoughts and feelings about humanity, nature and society.

He has been showcased in several exhibitions and museums, and some of his images have been acquired by museums like the Macao Art Museum.

The exhibition showcases abstract musings that can be visually pleasing and striking. He also is presenting colored fish with metallic overtones and texture.

beishui Peninsula Beijing

Bei Shui's piece in exhibition

More than 60 of his pieces will be showcased in the public areas of the first, second and third floors of the Peninsula Hotel. Mr. Shui’s art will also be in the dedicated area known as the Art Suite.

Showcasing local artists can bring a hotel brand to a localized level and better connect with the community it is located in.

For instance, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong was displaying artist Yuanming He’s work in the Sky Art Salon on floor 102 of the hotel to attract art enthusiasts.

The world’s highest hotel already features Mr. He’s Galloping Horses on the ceiling of the hotel’s lobby, and now held a larger exhibition of his work. Ritz-Calrton’s latest display drove attention to the height of the building and local artists, while it highlighted the hotel’s philosophy that focuses on art of craft (see story).