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Canali designs outfits for European team at Ryder Cup

September 24, 2014

Europe will take on USA at Ryder Cup Europe will take on USA at Ryder Cup


Italian menswear label Canali has revealed designs exclusively made for the European team at the Ryder Cup in Scotland this week.

The fashion brand created a dedicated hub on its Web site to provide daily updates on the Ryder Cup. The Canali-dressed European team will be in the spotlight as they tee up against the United States’ line up of top golfers for the five day event Sept. 23-28.

Sportswear designs

The section on Canali’s Web site that is dedicated to the Ryder Cup features a video with Jeremy Dale, a trick shot artist, showing different stunts with a gold club and ball. The video is followed by GIFs of various golf scenes.

Another video can be found on the page featuring Paul McGinley, the captain of the 2014 European Ryder Cup team. He speaks about his career and the sport itself. Mr. McGinley also talks about what attributes are needed to be a professional golfer.


Ryder Cup 2014

Canali designed a soft checked wool jacket for the team’s travel outfit. The look is completed with gray wool pants, a duck- and goose-down vest and a blue and white micro checked shirt.

Designing outfits for a team helps a brand align itself with the prestige of a certain sport or player.

For example, French apparel designer Lanvin served as the official tailor to Britain’s Arsenal soccer team to position its menswear as sporty and classic.

Lanvin Homme creative director Lucas Ossendrijver created a set of suits for the players to wear for all their official appearances. However, with this partnership, Lanvin may not be able to reach British soccer fans, since the audiences for high fashion and the sport do not overlap much (see story).