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Apple Watch gains attention at Colette Paris showcase

September 30, 2014

Apple's iWatch at colette Paris Apple's iWatch at Colette Paris


The Apple Watch will be present for one day only at Colette Paris to bring the new technology to the store's typical luxury goods consumer.

In the midst of Paris Fashion Week, on Sept. 30, the Apple Watch will be available at the Parisian retailer. The presence of the new watch in Colette will likely raise concerns from luxury watch brands about the potential threat of Apple’s new creation toward their market place.


With fashion week underway, Apple is aligning its new accessory with the world's top fashion brands. The entrance of the technology brand into the Paris boutique during one of the city’s busiest fashion weeks was likely a move by Apple’s new vice president of retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendts, who understands the luxury fashion world from her previous position as CEO of Burberry.

The Apple Watch’s presence in Colette sparked the interest of several icons of present day fashion. Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour went to the store to celebrate the watch's debut.

i watch colette

Apple Watch at Colette

Apple will not be selling the watch until early 2015.

The concern of the technology brand into luxury has been brewing for a while.

L2′s founder predicted that technology giant Apple will be venturing into luxury categories in the near future to capitalize on enormous profit margins and its pristine brand image at the L2 Forum 2013.

During the “’7′: The Forces Shaping Prestige in 2014″ session, L2 Think Tank boss Scott Galloway pointed out that Apple’s acquisition of CEOs from Burberry and Saint Laurent indicates that the brand is forcefully moving toward the luxury sector. The founder also warned that luxury brands will begin to face increasing disruption from outsiders (see story).