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Fendi brings fur making exhibit to Hong Kong

October 31, 2014

The interior of Fendi's Un Art Autre exhibition in Beijing The interior of Fendi's Un Art Autre exhibition


Italian fashion brand Fendi will host its “Un Art Autre” exhibition in Hong Kong to celebrate the brand’s fur making.

The exhibition is to celebrate the new boutique opening in the Landmark shopping center in Hong Kong. Fendi will draw attention to the new store with this exhibition, as well as better educated Hong Kongers and visitors about the brand and its history with fur.

Furry trail
In an interesting twist to enliven its narrative, Italian fashion house Fendi is telling the story of its history as a furrier through a traveling exhibit that recently made its way to Beijing, itself a clear recognition of China’s growing clout in the luxury market.

To coincide with the exhibit, the brand created a page on its Web site that features content from the show with multimedia elements, including photos, sketches and videos of iconic Fendi fur pieces. The Web site will likely build excitement as viewers wait for the exhibition to arrive at a city near them, and will give those users who cannot travel to one of the exhibit locations the opportunity to participate and learn about the brand (see story).

Un Art Autre exhibition in Landmark, Hong Kong

The traveling exhibition “Un Art Autre” has landed in Hong Kong and has been set up to celebrate the store opening. The exhibit features different fur items from Fendi’s past collections.

The opening of the exhibit featured a red carpet event with dinner. The opening was filmed and made into a social video.