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JetSuite unveils brand-building offer for Veterans Day

November 5, 2014

JetSuite's SuiteDeals JetSuite's SuiteDeals


Private jet charter company JetSuite is inviting veterans to book an entire suite for $1 on Veterans Day Nov. 11.

The offer is for the brand's SuiteDeals, which are last-minute flights for pre-determined destinations. Although the promotion is for a single day, it aligns the brand with a cause many of its consumers find important.

Standing up

JetSuite has been promoting the offer on its social media pages in advance of Nov. 11 to generate attention, but it has not released flight options yet.

The brand's SuiteDeals are a popular program that allows consumers to take advantage of a luxury service for a steeply discounted rate. The service also allows JetSuite to put sitting inventory to use.


JetSuite jet

Generally, these offers are not campaign-driven, but the Veterans Day offer may provide a template for future promotions. Although it is unlikely that the program will result in regular consumers, it will help the brand build its social community.

JetSuite regularly hones in on prices.

For instance, JetSuite based its latest campaign on the industry’s lack of transparency by emphasizing the misleading pricing hooks of competitors.

The “Smart Money Flies JetSuite” campaign called for consumers to investigate final flight costs to see whether or not they are being charged more than expected. Appealing to consumers’ sense of fairness may win the brand clients in an industry that has relatively few players and is experiencing growth (see story).