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Maserati brings centennial to Miami

November 10, 2014

Maserati in Miami Maserati in Miami


Italian automaker Maserati is corralling loyalists for a trip through Miami to celebrate the brand's centennial.

The brand is currently taking a tour across the United States to include its most lucrative country in the year's events. Heritage is a crucial component of every luxury brand, and most companies never miss a chance to cheer their roots.

Making friends

Maserati is traveling through the U.S. to build more brand unity.

The tour will stop in key U.S. cities and the brand expects more than 100 owners to attend each rally. Branded events often act as the glue that holds consumers loyal to a brand, especially when the events attract like-minded people who can share their passion (see story).

Maserati 100

Maserati Centennial

As the brand travels to each city, it will be bringing social media fans along for the ride. Throughout the year, the brand has produced an impressive amount of content devoted to the milestone.

In Miami, Maserati cruised down the iconic Ocean Drive with a large fleet of loyalists.

The trip will culminate at the Miami International Auto Show. Fans are invited to chip into the conversation with the hashtag #Maserati100.