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Lyst consumers spent 68M minutes on platform in 2014

December 16, 2014

Product display by Lyst Product display by Lyst


Fashion ecommerce platform Lyst has crunched the data from sales on its site to produce the year’s highlights and product winners for 2014.

Lyst hosts more than 7 million products from nearly 9,000 brands and was visited by 35 million consumers from 180 countries during 2014. Due to its high traffic, and 45 times more retailers than all of New York’s Fifth Avenue, Lyst is well placed to assess the luxury fashion industry and when, what and where items are selling.

Fashion by the numbers
To recap 2014, Lyst created an infographic with data scientists and engineers. Lyst’s “2014: The Fashion Infographic” broke down which apparel pieces sold best, standout products, such as Balenciaga sneakers, and changes in style from floral prints to leopard.

Lyst also pitted brands with similar items against each other in popularity such as Moschino’s McDonalds handbag and Anya Hindmarch’s Kelloggs handbag, with the latter winning.

lyst.2014 infographic1

Lyst's 2014 Clash of Titans inforgraphic

On Lyst’s "Leaderboard," data showed that its consumers spent the most on Saint Laurent, Valentino, Burberry, Givenchy and Isabel Marant in the top five. As for the most searched for brands, Prada, Givenchy, Gucci, Burberry and Valentino made the top five.

The infographic also broke down Lyst’s data into how consumers interacted with the retailer with 38 percent shopping on mobile or tablets. Most consumer shopped with Lyst via tablet during weekday evenings, while mobile was more popular on weekends.

Online purchases made on Mondays had the highest rate of return while Wednesday, globally, was the most popular shopping day in 2014.


lyst.2014 infographic2

Lyst's 2014 How We Shopped inforgraphic

Overall, consumers spent 68,325,753 minutes, or 129 years, on Lyst throughout 2014. It’s Web site renovation may have contributed to the increased interactions (see story).