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Christie’s auction raises money for Save the Children

December 22, 2014

How to give it 185 Financial Times' Christie's auction


The Financial Times' luxury lifestyle magazine How To Spend It released its 20th anniversary fundraising issue in November and has seen all the items auctioned off for charity.

A total of $566,339 was raised for Save the Children, an organization in 120 countries that fights to save and improve the lives of children. Many luxury brands were part of this auction, led by Christie’s, showing a dedication to an annual tradition and charities in need of fundraising money.

Big spenders
In this auction, the 83 products are not just the items, but experiences that allow consumers to have one-of-a-kind experiences with their products (see story).

For instance, a Paul Smith suit was one of the items that included the first fitting with Sir Paul. Another option was a champagne-paired dinner with Oliver Krug in his childhood home.

In a branded statement, Justin Forsyth, chief executive of Save the Children said, “In recent years, under-five child mortality has been halved from 12 million to 6.3 million – a remarkable feat. In the next 15 years we can push to finish the job. The partnership with How To Spend It will not only enable Save the Children teams to save and protect children in some of the toughest situations, it has also raised awareness of our vital work, giving readers a greater understanding of our ambitions to save and protect children all over the world.”

Hosting auctions with special items draws attention to the brands involved.

For instance, Neiman Marcus’ is offering an exclusive collection of Hermès handbags available through Hermitage Auctions.

The exclusive auction is on Neiman Marcus’ Web site and offers limited time purchases and double Neiman Marcus Incircle points. By hosting this exclusive event, Neiman Marcus will likely drive traffic to its Web site (see story).