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Ritz-Carlton to present insight to brand at symposium

January 12, 2015

Ritz-Carlton, Dallas Ritz-Carlton, Dallas


The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center is sharing its hospitality expertise with industry experts and brand leaders this spring at its “Your Journey to Service Excellence” symposium in Dallas.

Guests of the symposium will receive insights from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center into the inner workings of creating and sustaining a successful company. The Ritz-Calrton will dish out details on its internal and consumer-facing techniques that maintain the company as a luxury hotel brand across the globe.

"As an organization, The Ritz-Carlton is dedicated to inspiring life’s most meaningful journeys," said from Diana Oreck, Vice President of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. "By sharing service excellence practices with other organizations, we are able to spread our vision outside the walls of our beautiful properties.

"The symposium in April was created with this intention and to better serve the changing needs of clients," she said. "We hope that organizations will gain new insights that can be applied to their organizations."

Look behind-the-scenes

At Your Journey to Service and Excellence symposium, 200 attendees will be able to attend presentations and networking events. Speakers will include executives from The Ritz-Carlton across the different sectors of the brand.

The day will begin at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast and an introduction by the vice president of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.

Jeff Hargett, senior corporate director, culture transformation, will speak about building a corporate culture. Other sessions will focus on customer service, leadership and employee engagement.

Ritz Community Footprints 02

Community Footprints at The Ritz-Carlton

Aaron McDaniel will be the keynote speaker about understanding and working with future millennial leaders. The speaking sessions will close with a panel discussion between executives from different sectors of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

The day will conclude with a networking reception. It will be held in The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas in different meeting rooms as well as the hotel’s ballroom.

Ritz Community Footprints 01

Community Footprints at The Ritz-Carlton

On the event’s Web pages, each speaker’s biography is accompanied by a previously recorded video from The Ritz-Carlton Research Center.

The event costs $899 and will be held on April 13. Although The Ritz-Carlton is a hospitality brand, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center is a public university that helps all industries, including healthcare, finance, automotive, aviation, technology and retail.

"Since there are already organizations around the world that look to The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center for assistance on how to better operate their own organizations across all industries, including healthcare, finance, automotive, aviation, technology, and retail; this symposium provides a glimpse into these services that the Ritz-Carlton can offer, which can ultimately result in more collaborations long-term," said Damon Banks, freelance journalist and media consultant, New York.


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is often awarded for its commitment to local culture in the areas it has property. This dedication has been seen in several initiatives.

For instance, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is the first founding partner of Impact 2030, a global project for corporate volunteering that will combine the joint efforts of many brands to tackle otherwise unattainable goals.

Impact 2030 hopes to marshal corporate volunteers to take part in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The participation of Ritz-Carlton will likely help to expand the hotel chain’s present initiatives and will spark interest in the UN’s goals from other large corporations (see story).

Also, Ritz-Carlton reaffirmed its role as community supporter for underprivileged children with its Succeed Through Service campaign, which was flaunted via Web site and video marketing.

The hotel brought adolescents onto its properties to mentor and highlight the benefits of education. This effort was part of the hotel’s Community Footprints social responsibility program and a follow-up to a previous initiative (see story).

With its community footprints, global initiatives and service accomplishments, The Ritz-Carlton can offer a lot of insight into the hospitality business, a skill that is translatable across industries.

"The Ritz-Carlton brand brings with it a very strong reputation within the hospitality industry, and using these legendary services to further teach professionals in other industries the long-term impact these services have on the success of the organization is beneficial for everyone involved," Mr. Banks said. "From a day-to-day perspective, it’s these industry leaders across the various industries who have the potential to be guests at Ritz-Carlton properties around the world, so developing these loyal relationships can be very good for the brand overtime. "

Final Take

Nancy Buckley, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York