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Patek Philippe ends 175th anniversary with London retrospective

January 21, 2015

Patek Philippe timepiece Patek Philippe timepiece


Swiss timepiece maker Patek Philippe will host a London exhibit May 27 until June 7 to give horologists a rare look inside the family-owned watch brand.

Patek Philippe will present the Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Free of cost, the exhibit will give Patek a transparent platform to share its heritage with consumers and collectors alike.

Inside out view
The exhibit will celebrate the watchmaker’s tradition of watch manufacturing and give insights into the brand’s 175-year history. Also, Patek Philippe’s heritage of haute horology will be explored.

Essentially, visitors will have the opportunity to see the world of Patek Philippe, the last family-owned Genevan watchmaking brand, from the inside out.

To bring the brand’s manufacture to life, Patek Philippe artisans and watchmakers will work live during the event. Exhibits with demonstrations and displays will be spread amongst 12 rooms within the Saatchi gallery. art exhibit banner

Patek Philippe promotional banner for Watch Art

These rooms include the Immersion room, the Film Theatre, the Current Collection room, the Museum room, the Grand Complications room, the 175th Anniversary Collection Gallery and the Rare Handcrafts Gallery.

In total, Patek Philippe will have 400 pieces on display in the space.

The event itself will wind down Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary celebrations that kicked off in May 2014 (see story). Also, the exhibit will incorporate commemorative pieces that will be presented later this year to the world, and people who have experienced great moments in Patek Philippe’s history.