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Baccarat, Christofle collaborate for Design Shanghai 2015 collection

February 17, 2015

Baccarat chandelier Baccarat chandelier


French crystal-maker Baccarat and silver maker Christofle are teaming up with a famous designer to collaborate on a project for Design Shanghai 2015.

Renowned Dutch designer Marcel Wanders partnered with both home furnishing brands in creating a capsule collection for the upcoming show. The items designed will be on display from March 27-30 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre in Shanghai, China.

“Throughout our long and rich history we have had many collaborations with both well-established and emerging designers,” said Michelle Klein, chief executive officer of the Americas for Baccarat. “I think it is always important to find a designer who understands the brand, who can respect our DNA but who can also push us and our craftsmen at the manufactory to move away from our creative comfort and push the boundaries, not only the boundaries of our technology but also the boundaries of our vision.

“There needs to be a mutual understanding and a mutual respect and admiration for one another—it needs to be a true collaboration in every sense of the word, and with Marcel Wanders, we've been fortunate enough to have just that.”

Wither wander you

Mr. Wanders has created a unique collection for Baccarat and Christofle, which will be on display with a number of his own works such as those from his series “Personal Editions.” Some of Mr. Wanders’ most famous pieces, such as “Les Rois de la Foret,” were actually created for Baccarat many years earlier.


Baccarat glass designed by Marcel Wanders

The exhibit at Design Shanghai will also include several new pieces, such as the “Clock” for Christofle and the “Jardin d’Eden” silverware collection, though both sold out months before the exhibit was set to open.


Baccarat chandelier designed by Marcel Wanders

Mr. Wanders is a Dutch designer best known for his humor, his whimsical approach to life and his founding of the popular design-company MOOOI, where he now works as art director.


Christofle glass designed by Marcel Wanders

Baccarat is eager to promote the association and already posted a video to its Web site explaining who Mr. Wanders is and what he has worked on in the past. The French crystal-maker also mentions his signature designs for its brand, such as “United Crystal Woods,” “L’lyresse des Bois,” “L’Esprit des Boir” and “La Floret des Songes.”

Christofle also promoted the collaboration on its Facebook and its Web site, linking to a number of pieces Mr. Wanders has designed for the silverware brand.

"Both Baccarat and Christofle are established brands with global recognition and significant legacies in craftsmanship and design," said Karen Kreamer, president of K2 Brand Consulting, Overland Park, KS. "The collaboration with Marcel Wanders provides an opportunity for both brands to extend in a way that is fresh, modern and unexpected.

"The new products have the potential to appeal to current brand enthusiasts and to create new ones."

Celebrate good times

Many heritage brands enjoy celebrating anniversaries or important openings with large events that appeal to both consumers and press. For example, Christofle celebrated the launch of its new flagship in New York through event marketing, digital efforts and limited-edition products in the store.

The new, 1,432-square-foot store is on Madison Avenue in New York. The store was specifically designed to reflect the Christofle brand through craftsmanship and products (see story).

In a similar example, Baccarat continued its 250th anniversary celebration with an exhibit at the Grande Galeries of the Petit Palais in Paris.

“Baccarat: Crystal Legend,” supported by Dior Parfums and Remy Martin, ran from Oct. 15, 2014 through Jan. 4, 2015, wrapping up the milestone year for the brand. This was the first Baccarat retrospective held in France since the brand’s bicentennial exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in 1964, creating the potential to spread awareness for the brand’s heritage to a new set of consumers (see story).

Large events and interesting celebrations can bring a brand a lot of positive publicity. They also have the potential to attract crowds and perhaps inspire new consumers to explore the brand.

"Opening the exhibit at Design Shanghai 2015 creates an event experience, one that is unique, memorable and precisely customized to the design community," K2 Brand Consulting's Ms. Kreamer said. "The launch of the new collection at Design Shanghai 2015 can be promoted and leveraged over time, creating momentum for future marketing and promotional efforts.

"Innovation is an important aspect of managing brand equity and growth," she said. "The challenge is determining the innovation path that offers the most promise.

"The new Marcel Wanders collaboration with Baccarat and Christofle signals innovation without compromising the integrity or legacies of the individual brands."

Final Take

Kay Sorin, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York