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Maserati shows royal ties in auction

March 4, 2015

Maserati Quattroporte S Maserati Quattroporte S


Italian automaker Maserati will see one of its renowned automobiles auctioned by international auctioneers Coys March 10.

The 1967 Maserati Quattroporte was ordered by a French importer for His Highness Prince Karin Aga Khan in Paris in January 1968, it was registered to Princess Aly Khan at Eaton Square in London. Connecting a brand with royalty brings a new level of majesty to the vehicle and Maserati likely driving attention to the auction, especially with the multi-nation story behind this automobile.

Royal driving
Princess Aly Khan owned the automobile for 25 years and kept it in original condition. The auction will include the ownership book, which includes her name, and the maintenance history, such as Maserati rebuilding the engine in 1999.

In 1993, the princess sold the car to the second, and current, owner. The vehicle is on display at H.R. Owen Maserati on Old Brompton Road in London and will remain there until March 9.

Maserati old and new quattroporte S

Old and new Quattroporte

This auction will also have a 1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera and a 1970 Lotus 59.

The car is estimated to be sold for an amount between about $57,983 and $64,086.

Italian dealership Maserati of Walnut Creek, CA, is expanding its involvement with the Parkinson’s and patient care charity Danville D’Elegance Foundation’s charity by hosting an eBay auction that lets car enthusiasts take part in the Maserati Trofeo MC World Series weekend.

Although the auction is aimed at car enthusiasts, its promise of placing consumers in and around racing activities may attract a variety of consumers. Maserati’s choice to team up with a foundation steeped in the automotive world may mean that many brand loyalist will become invested in the charity’s outcome (see story).