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Four Seasons Maui focuses on wellness

March 4, 2015

Serenity Pool at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea Serenity Pool at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea


Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, HI is granting guests’ wishes for wellness options within the hotel with a clinical nutritionist and chiropractor on call for personalized health and nutrition.

Medicine in luxury hotels has evolved from the in-house general practitioner to the new nutritionist and chiropractor. Accommodating desires is the goal of luxury hotels, and offering services that allow guests to continue their regular routines, or start a new one, will resonate with affluent consumers looking to maintain healthy practices.

Have it your way
An in-house doctor is no longer needed in luxury hotels, but with the turn toward healthy living a practitioner is necessary to implement and maintain nutritional activities.

Dr. Mark Emerson is a nutritionist and chiropractor and will be overseeing the new program “Wellness Your Way.”

The program will help guests achieve wellness goals with energy-focused spa options, fitness classes and healthy meal options.


Four Seasons Maui wellness team

Guests will begin the program with a consultation with Dr. Emerson and in conjunction with Pat Makozak, director of The Spa, guests will receive a curated nutritional and lifestyle routine.

Ms. Makozak and Dr. Emerson also work alongside the executive Sous Chef Craig Dryhurst to establish a wellness menu.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts previously had a program called “Energy by Four Seasons” that promoted daily well-being among guests.

The motivating force behind many travel plans is the desire to get away from all the noise of everyday life, which arguably becomes more intense and taxing as technology progresses. Four Seasons aimed to capture this urge with a heightened focus on energy and wellness across its portfolio (see story).