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Tesla to offer test drive opportunity at Mandarian Oriental property

March 11, 2015

Tesla's Model S P85D Tesla's Model S P85D


U.S. electric automaker Tesla is inviting guests at the Mandarin Oriental Miami to test drive its Model S during their stay.

The test drive experience is meant to highlight the Tesla Model S’s capabilities for prospective consumers and may dispel doubts of the automobile’s power by those who are unfamiliar. Many hotel brands incorporate luxury automakers into their services to extend quality of stay to guest transportation.

It’s electric
Tesla’s driving experience, held at the Mandarin Oriental Miami on March 14 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., is 15 minutes long and takes drivers on a predetermined route designed to highlight the capabilities of the Model S. Drivers are encouraged to learn about Tesla’s new autopilot and dual motor features.

To ensure that the test drive is informative, guests will be accompanied by a Tesla product specialist who will join the driver in the vehicle. Up to three guests are invited to join in the backseat for the test drive.

telsa.model s in miami

Tesla's Model S in Miami

All appointments will be confirmed by a Tesla representative. This direct connection with the automaker, rather than the hotel, will forge a relationship between Tesla and consumers which may increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Tesla’s capabilities, despite the myths surrounding electric automobiles, has been explored in other test drive settings as well.

The electronic automaker went viral with a video depicting the Model S P85D’s “insane mode” that trended on social media and were shared by a number of media outlets. YouTube channel DragTimes was behind the series, not the automaker itself, but Tesla likely benefited from the humorous nature of the videos that may have quieted any electric vehicle naysayers (see story).