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Fendi celebrates history in Japan with auction

April 22, 2015

Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan


Italian fashion brand Fendi is creating one-of-a-kind bags to auction in Japan.

Proceeds of the auction benefit Tokyo University of The Arts and will celebrate Fendi’s 50th anniversary in Japan. This auction will draw attention to Fendi’s history in the country which has recently seen renewed interest from many luxury brands.

Japanese focus
On Fendi’s Facebook page, a post featuring Anna Dello Russo designing a Fendi Peekaboo bag links to the Japanese auction page.

On the microsite for the auction, a brief description of the Italian fashion brand in Japan discusses its presence there.


Fendi's image from Facebook

Bids less than about $16,682 are considered invalid and five one-of-a-kind Peek-A-Boo bags have been created for the occasion. The charity runs from April 20 until May 20.

This anniversary comes in the wake of the Japanese luxury market witnessing a resurgence of interest by brands as the Chinese and Russian markets face uncertainty.

European and American brands have traditionally focused on Japan, but dwindling consumption teamed with emerging markets elsewhere led to a reevaluation in recent years. This is beginning to change again, as seen through events, exhibits and pop-ups from luxury brands across the island nation that indicate the market’s surging appeal (see story).