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The Langham celebrates 150 years through historical artifacts

April 22, 2015

The Langham, London The Langham, London


The Langham, London is continuing to build anticipation for its 150th anniversary with a search for historic items from the hotel.

Old guides, postcards and more are being gathered from guests to return to the hotel in a historic scavenger hunt competition. The campaign will not only create a historical showcase of the hotel, but also drive attention to the anniversary event.

History found everywhere
The Langham posted a photo of men who worked in the kitchen in 1907. Across the image they asked “Can you spot your great grandfather?”

Asking about guests’ family members creates a personal connection and sparks interest among families who may have had a member work at the hotel over the past 150 years.

Those families are exactly who the campaign is targeting: the families with ties to The Langham.

Postcards, pamphlets and guides from the hotel were likely taken over the course of 150 years and the hotel is asking those who still have them to donate them to the The Langham.


Langham Hotel's Facebook image

The best item found will win an overnight stay at the hotel.

The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton, Canada, is hosting a similar campaign by inviting guests to visit the property April 25 with beloved artifacts or knickknacks taken from past stays.

The Fairmont “Amnesty Event” seeks to temporarily reclaim stolen items to be displayed during a “Historic Open House” while eliciting guest stories and building community. The whimsical campaign deftly draws attention to the property’s storied history and puts guests front and center (see story).