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Lagos fights neurodegenerative disorders through charitable collection

May 12, 2015

Statement cuff from Lagos' Keep Memory Alive collection Statement cuff from Lagos' Keep Memory Alive collection


U.S. jeweler Lagos is working with nonprofit organization Keep Memory Alive to fight memory disorders by donating 100 percent of the proceeds from a new exclusive collection to the charity.

Keep Memory Alive works to raise awareness and funds to be used for research, management and treatment of memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. Lagos will be able to provide publicity and support to help Keep Memory Alive with its mission to find a cure for these disorders, while at the same time promoting its own name and connecting with consumers.

“As a jewelry brand, we are committed to creating memorable jewelry and beautiful memories for women across the generations,” said Amanda Willinger, vice president of digital and ecommerce at Lagos, New York. “Keep Memory Alive is dedicated to the research and treatment of memory disorders, so this cause resonates with everything Lagos is about.

“We understand the importance of memory. Memories, like jewelry, are an integral part of what it means to live an enriched life.”

Lasting memory
Lagos’ Keep Memory Alive collection will go live on May 27 with a special page of the brand’s Web site devoted to it. At the moment, there is a sneak peak available on the Web site, which can be found here.

lagos memory 2

The collection will include some of Lagos' most classic designs

The collection is inspired by The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, a building in Las Vegas, NV, that was designed by internationally renowned architect Frank Gehry. Keep Memory Alive raises money for the Cleveland Clinic, which is a research and caregiving facility dedicated to finding more effective treatment for neurodegenerative disorders that affect millions around the world today.

Neurodegenerative disorders are particular meaningful to the founder and creative director of Lagos, Steven Lagos, as he had two grandparents who suffered from Alzheimer’s. He has long been a supporter of Keep Memory Alive and is eager to create a long-term relationship between the nonprofit organization and his jewelry brand.

lagos memory 4

The collection will include 8 items inspired by Frank Gehry's architecture

Focusing on charities that have personal meaning for a brand can make the interaction between the two institutions more positive. It also allows consumers to see a more intimate side of the brand and encourages others to step forward and participate in their own way.

Lagos’ Keep Memory Alive collection will consist of eight crafted, sterling silver designs in Lagos’ signature style. Pieces will include cufflinks, earrings, one of the brand’s classic heart pendants, a black agate bead bracelet and a rope bracelet along with other designs.

The collection will be sold exclusively online and at the Lagos flagship store in Philadelphia.

lagos memory 1

The Cleveland Clinic in Las Vegas designed by Frank Gehry

Substantial support
Supporting nonprofits and other institutions that promote social good can help a brand interact with consumers in a more personal way.

In 2013, Swiss jeweler Chopard worked together with the Happy Hearts Fund to help rebuild schools and aid children that were affected by natural disasters with an exclusive bracelet designed specifically for the cause.

The Happy Hearts Fund was created by model Petra Nemcova in 2005 after she was injured in Thailand during the 2004 tsunami that devastated the region. Chopard’s involvement with Ms. Nemcova’s charity likely attracted affluent philanthropists interested in giving back to their global community in time for the holiday season (see story).

While the benefits of supporting philanthropy go beyond marketing and publicity, it is true that these campaigns can help brands connect with consumers in a unique and intimate way.

Because of the myriad of positive results, many brands are eager to become involved with their charity of choice.

For example, Italian jeweler Bulgari promoted its Save the Children campaign with a star-studded video on its Facebook page and a dedicated Web page.

The video, shot by Fabrizio Ferri, cut between groups of children around the world and numerous celebrities holding up their hands, wearing the ring the brand created to raise money for the charity. By incorporating famous faces into its Save the Children campaign, Bulgari was able to draw more attention to its campaign, but not necessarily reach its usual consumer base (see story).

While Lagos took a more traditional route for its charitable collaboration with Keep Memory Alive, the brand will likely attract attention from a wide range of consumers.

“Lagos has been philanthropic since the inception of the brand, and giving back is very important for our founder Steven Lagos and for our employees," Ms. Willinger said. "It reflects the integrity that makes our brand strong and real.

“This is so important for us. As such, Lagos is donating 100 percent of the sale of each piece from the collection directly to Keep Memory Alive. We are reaching out to our audience in all possible manners – homepage, emails, social media, mailing to raise awareness for the foundation.”

“We have a lot of respect for Keep Memory Alive and the work they accomplish. It makes our partnership very unique.”

Final Take
Kay Sorin, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York